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Our Community

Miquon is a community into which families, not only children, are welcomed. It is our view that education is a cooperative venture amongst all the adults in a child’s life.

Embedded in our mission and philosophy is the belief that a strong school community includes a rich mix of individuals who contribute a variety of talents, experience, and opinions to the learning process. We are proud of the progress that has been made over the years to include such parents, children, and staff in our school. We continue our efforts to reach out to families and staff from different economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. We welcome the diversity of personalities, perspectives, and learning styles that their children bring into our classrooms.

Miquon has an active Diversity Committee including members of staff, parents, and the principal. It supports the school in raising awareness and facilitating conversation about issues of inclusion. It brings guest performers, artists, and speakers, and generates programs that celebrate the existing diversity within the school community. A teacher serves as Multicultural Resource person for Miquon staff to provide liaison with the Committee, as well as facilitating support and resources to teachers in social and curricular areas.

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