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The best way to support the Miquon School is through a gift to the Annual Giving campaign. Miquon’s Annual Giving campaign is a yearly fund-raising effort through which Miquon seeks unrestricted gifts that help defray annual operating costs. These gifts support mission-driven operating costs such as teacher and staff salaries, financial aid, technology hardware and support, classroom budgets, special assemblies, environmental maintenance – as well as basics like utilities, insurance, office supplies, and administrative technology. Only with a successful Annual Giving Fund can Miquon continue to provide an enriched program for our children.

Read more about recent gifts to Miquon in the Miquon Report 2011-2012.

In addition to Annual Giving, Miquon also occasionally seeks funds for capital improvements and our endowment:

Capital Gifts
A Capital Campaign, by definition, is an intense effort on the part of a non-profit organization to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time. Usually the money raised is to fund the acquiring, constructing, or renovating of a building, and often the campaign’s secondary focus is on building an endowment for the future. The recent Miquon Campaign for Growth began in 2004 with an aggressive goal of $2.3 million dollars. The Campaign has two purposes: 1) to rebuild and dramatically renovate existing classroom buildings, and 2) to start an endowment dedicated to the enhancement of staff compensation. We are proud that we successfully raised well over $2 million dollars in the campaign that closed in 2009.

Gifts that are directed to endowment are placed in a permanent fund where the principal is invested and only the earned income is spent. Endowment income is used to support pension and salaries for teachers, sabbatical leave, tuition assistance for families with financial need, and institutional planning. Individuals may make a gift of any amount to Miquon’s established endowment funds. Please contact the Director of Development for further information about Miquon’s existing endowments and the opportunities that exist for naming an endowment.

Thank you so much for your support of the Miquon School.

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