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Classroom Groups

At Miquon, many of our groups are mixed-age groups.  You can read this letter about why Miquon often prefers to group two grades together in this way.

Marisa, Celia & Erin’s Nursery (3 and 4 year-olds) – class blog and 2014-15 Curriculum Report
Toni & Sherry’s Kindergarten – class blogslideshow, and 2014-15 Curriculum Report
Ben & Elisa’s 1st grade – class blog2014-15 Curriculum Report
Rachel & Rich’s 2nd-3rd grade – class blog
Bree & Marie’s 2nd-3rd grade – class blog
Wendy & Sara’s 4th grade – class blog and 2014-15 Curriculum Report
Diane & Jeri’s 5th-6th grade – class blog  and 2014-15 Curriculum Report
Lynn & Mark’s 5th-6th grade – class blogclass website,  and 2014-15 Curriculum Report

You can also read a full account of last year’s learning and teaching in the curriculum report for each group. The curriculum report is sent out by class to each Miquon family after the school year ends. It is a retrospective document, not a set of lesson plans. Teachers communicate their intentions and goals to parents in many ways during the school year through group meetings, individual conversations, and classroom blogs and newsletters. The curriculum report is the teachers’ review of the entire year, looking back and making observations after their plans, projects, problems, and revelations are long over. One of the distinguishing features of this report is the great extent to which each teacher’s style, focus, and personality come through in this retrospective narrative.

(Please note that the previous year’s staffing and group structure may not correspond exactly to the current year.)

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