10.31 Halloween Parade

Parents are invited to join the fun for our annual Halloween parade on Thurs, Oct 31. Parents of younger children may come as early as 1:00 pm o help with changing into costumes in the classroom; the official parade and costume viewing from the Playbarn begins at 1:30 pm.

Parade Route

We have a parade route that goes along the pathway from the Nursery down toward the office; parents and visitors please line the path to view the parade. At the close of the parade, assemble around (but not on) the Playbarn benches for classroom presentations and photos. (Leave the benches open for student seating, please.)

What’s Appropriate for School?

Remember some Miquon students are as young as three years old. Therefore, please no masks, no weapons, no scary monsters. Also, no candy. Thanks!

What about Dismissal?

You may depart with your child following the parade — just make sure you check out with an office staff person before you leave. (Your child is welcomed to stay until regular 2:55 pm dismissal as well, when he or she may take a bus/van/parent car ride home per usual. After Care is open until 6:00 pm)