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2020-21 Nursery and Kindergarten Tuition Plan

Nursery/Kindergarten Plan

PER DIEM DISCOUNT: As of today, Miquon is one of very few schools in the region who are offering refunds for the days we are not able to be on campus due to COVID-19 restrictions ordered by the governor.

We will process N/K refunds for days school closes on a monthly basis. The rebate will be prorated to account for any financial assistance and/or tuition remission received.

  • For those who have paid-in-full or are on the two-pay option, we will mail checks.
    • It is our intention to issue refund checks by the end of the month AFTER the month in which the closed-school dates occur.
  • For those in SMART, a credit will be applied to the family’s next payment date.
    • Since we have families with payment dates of the 1st, 15th, and 30th, we ask for their patience since we definitely will not be able to process them in enough time for payment dates of the 1st.
    • By the end of the following month, SMART credits will be applied and refund checks mailed.
Grade Tuition Per Diem Amount
Kindergarten $19,700 $65
Nursery (3 Full Days) $12,065 $60
Nursery (4 Full Days/ 5 Half Days) $14,660 $60
Nursery (5 Full Days) $18,205 $60

OUTDOOR ACCESS: Our priority is to provide our youngest students with access to as much outdoor time and space as possible. We have plenty of space to safely socially distance.

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