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2019 Strategic Visioning: Charting the Course for Miquon

A little over a year ago, Miquon embarked on a strategic planning process, through which we thought about how to best position ourselves to build on our mission and ensure direction toward a healthy future. We believe that periodic strategic planning is an essential practice not just for schools but for all organizations that want to function with shared ownership and focus. We are excited to now share with you the product of this important work – our Strategic Plan, Miquon 2025: Progressive, Known, and Vital.

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Our new Strategic Plan builds on our core values and elements that define us as a school and sets a path for us to refine our work even further toward the vision inspired by our mission. Through this plan, we are celebrating the Progressive pedagogy that informs our program, while at the same time challenging ourselves to provide for others the language and touchpoints that help families have access to the depth of understanding our teachers have for their students, to share what they so love about a Miquon education, and to distinguish elements of our program from experiences that might be identified by the same vocabulary. This effort cannot be separated from the realistic challenges of all small schools–to create an experience that families can afford while still paying our educators in a way that honors and respects the program and relationships they create for our students and families. For Miquon, this work is grounded in our vision of the diverse, committed, thoughtful community we strive to be, leveraging our strengths and values to support our goals.

Over the next five years, you will hear, see, and hopefully be actively engaged in the work that we are doing. While our spring and fall work parties are tangible examples of the ways families help to make Miquon stronger and better, there are an abundance of ways, many less visible, through which the generosity of families who support Miquon has kept this magical treasure still vibrant, 88 years into our history. At Miquon, founded to be better, we continue to ask the same question — how can we make our experience even better? We hope this strategic plan guides us along that path through 2025.

We welcome your questions about the path this plan charts. And we need your support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us if you’d like to talk, or if you see a way you could help.

Susannah Wolf ’81, Principal
Cerys St. John Ritcher, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

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