Eléonore Moser

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

B.A., Peace and Conflict Studies and Economics, Swarthmore College

I am thrilled to be at Miquon as a first and second-grade teacher. I spent several years teaching and coaching at another independent school in Philadelphia, and feel so lucky to be having my next chapter here.

The first time I heard about Miquon, it reminded me of my own elementary school education in the Bay Area. I went to a progressive school that had access to a forest with a live creek running through it. As a first grader, I remember studying the crawdads in the creek, writing and drawing my observations in my journal, and even becoming a vegetarian for a week as a result. More importantly, our class conversations about respecting our natural world helped instill in me a life-long belief in my ability and responsibility to positively impact my communities.

From my very first visit to Miquon, I have been drawn to many of the similarities that I loved about my elementary school experience. Many aspects of Miquon’s progressive pedagogy resonate with me – the focus on hands-on learning, spending time outdoors, developing the skills to care for oneself and one’s community, and fostering a love of learning. I strive to support students in pursuing their own interests, believing in themselves, and believing in their ability to create change. I am deeply looking forward to learning and growing with my students and colleagues throughout this year.