Lisa Pomerantz

Executive Committee Member, Board of Directors

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Miquon makes me happy. I have never encountered a school experience or an approach to learning that even comes close to what happens in this magical, nearly hidden valley. I get to witness my daughter Luka’s growth and love of learning, of play. I can already see changes in her confidence and boldness. Miquon makes my partner Meghan happy. She came from a different background of private schools and can feel and witness daily the enchanting educational spirit that is so very evident with each drop-off and pick up. Miquon makes our youngest daughter Neko happy. She plays for hours in Monkeyland, on the swings, with the tetherball, and treads wherever Luka leads her. Professionally, I have nearly three decades of marketing, branding, communications, and sustainability under my belt. I’m also an illustrator, graphic designer. I am absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the Miquon Board and to deepen our ties in this incredibly diverse and welcoming community. I’d like to enroll in Kindergarten, but since I cannot do that, the board seems like the right next step for me.