Skip Coon

Community Committee Co-Chair and Member, Board of Directors

I am so grateful to be a part of the Miquon community which became a welcome part of our daily routine in 2014 when our oldest son Levi entered 2nd grade and where he is now happily immersed in 4rd grade. Last year our younger son Blue joyfully began Kindergarten and fulfilled his dream of being with his brother at the same school for the first time. Throughout both boys’ early education, I have been fortunate to be able work from home most of the time and have had many opportunities to volunteer at their respective schools. I am excited to be offered this opportunity at Miquon to continue being involved and look forward to working with the board where I have attended meetings since we first arrived at Miquon.

Professionally, I am a software developer versed in multiple computer languages and technologies. I currently work at a firm based in Manhattan, NYC called Foothold Technology who build and promote software that benefit the behavioral health industry. In my free time, I enjoy mountain biking in the Wissahickon which we purposely placed outside our front door and teaching Levi and Blue to appreciate the sport. I also skateboard, bake, and am the general jokester and optimistic element in the Coon household!