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Covid-19 Resources

Food Pantries

(Philadelphia and Suburbs)

Religious Organizations

  • The Mitzvah Program through The Jewish Federation | 215.832-0509
  • St. Martin in the Field Chestnut Hill | 215.247-7466
  • St Vincent’s Church in Germantown | 215.438-2925

County Assistance Office 

Access to a wide range of services from health care services to cash assistance and help with heating expenses, etc.

Comcast Internet

Offering 60 days of free internet service through its “Internet Essentials” program to families who qualify.
Details & Qualifying

At Home Learning

(Source: Common Sense Media)
Tools to help parents and caregivers keep kids focused and learning at home.

City of Philadelphia Grab-And-Go Meals

Grab-and-go meals are available to all children and youth living in Philadelphia county, regardless of where they attend school.

Miquon Community Resource

by Gwyneth Shaw
Support families during this difficult time, this exchange was put together to help Miquon families find ways to support one another.

Engaging Activities for Your Children

All are free and several are inspirations for offline activities, while a few are computer-based.

Language Arts Listen to actors read picture books.

Hear bedtime stories from space.

Watch illustrators, like Mo Willems, do their craft.

Journal prompts for elementary school students.

Math Read books about counting and do math puzzles.

Integrate math problems into your bedtime routine.

Practice old skills and try out new ones

Places To Explore With Children

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Go on a virtual trip to countries around the world.

Constitution Center

Kennedy Center ArtsEdge for Kids A great resource for art-inspired projects to be done by individuals and families.

New York Philharmonic Learn about instruments and listen to them play.

Listen for birds and learn to identify them by their song.

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