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Approximately 150 Miquon students come from different households across Northwest Philly and Greater Philadelphia area. These families reside in nearly 27 zip codes, representing neighborhoods on both sides of the Schuylkill River, from Lower Gwynnedd, Jenkintown, Wyndmoor and Blue Bell, to Fairmount, Center City, West Philadelphia and Wynnewood. More than half our families are clustered in the neighborhoods of Roxborough, Germantown, Mount Airy, East Falls, and Chestnut Hill.

45% of the eligible student body receives assistance with tuition in the form of need-based financial aid. Their awards range from 10-90% of tuition.

Racial and ethnic
36% of Miquon’s students are children of color. Of those children, 61% are from mixed-race families, 23% of them are African-American. The remainder are of Hispanic or Asian-American descent. Many different countries of origin are represented amongst the school’s families.

Miquon is a non-sectarian school in which families of different religious affiliations, or none, are present and welcome. School is not closed for religious holidays, but it is understood that some families will choose to have their children miss school for religious observance.

Family structure
Miquon students come from a wide variety of family constellations, including nuclear and blended families, two-household families, single-parent families, adoptive families, and families with gay or lesbian parents. Our administrative materials, classroom resources, and daily conversations reflect and normalize this diversity in our community.

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