Miquon Matters, 10.23.17

By Kristin Sanderson

Did you know that Miquon Matters is now posted online


  1. We’ve fixed up the photo ordering site. Login with password, “Miquon1932” and see instructions below. Remember you have to order by Sun, Oct 29 to avoid a late fee.
  2. Help your child remember to submit an optional pizza order by Thursday!
    Pizza Form
  3. Check the calendar; there are classroom potlucks happening this weekend!
  4. If you think you might drive Miquon children on a field trip this year, submit your Requirements for Driving form and a copy of your license using the Parent Portal by Weds, Nov 1.
    Parent Portal
  5. Complete your Conference Week Schedule Preference form using the Parent Portal.
    Parent Portal
  6. Lice is present at Miquon. Check your child for lice.



Thank you to all our volunteers for making this Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day happen! We appreciate all your help–there’s no way we could have done it without you, Skip Coon, Aline Fairweather, Jane Bonenberger, Paula Sharkey, Carolyn Seplow, Sabrina Faith, Kate Capone, Jennifer Thompson, Reid Bramblett, and Meghan Scott!


This year we’ve already had so many wonderful volunteers helping in the library, at Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day, and during our after school activities.

We want to have past volunteers come back and have others join us, so we can take care of our children together as a community. At the same time we want to be mindful of the safety of our children and follow the new laws in Pennsylvania.

If you have volunteered this year, or if you think you might volunteer at any point in the future, please complete your Volunteer Clearances.

Volunteer Clearances

Volunteer Driving
Our insurance policy states that in order to drive a school van or personal vehicle with passengers (other than your own family members) for school purposes, the following documents need to be on file with Miquon:

  1. A signed copy of the Requirements for Driving Policy, which you can complete using the attached Volunteer Driving Form OR via online form posted on the Parent Portal. Note with either option, you’ll have to mail in a copy of your driver’s license. Complete this item by Weds, Nov 1 to avoid the $10 fee required to pull your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR).
  2. Volunteer Clearances (see entry above)

Volunteer Driving Form

Parent Portal



Order online via SmugMug with the password, “Miquon1932,” and your photo packages will be shipped directly to you.  You can purchase print pages, a digital download, or wall art. Ordering after Sun, Oct 29 requires an additional $15.00 late fee.

  • You must be on a computer or a tablet. The site doesn’t work with phones.
  • To access all school, or class group  photos, select the folder labeled Galleries.
  • To select individual photos, select the folder labeled Miquon 2017, and scroll down to the folder titled with your child’s teacher.
  • Photos from each section can be placed in the same cart and purchased together.
  • Class group photos may be purchased with or without a package.



Halloween Parade | Tues, Oct 31, 1:30 pm | Miquon Campus

Parents are invited to join the fun for our annual Halloween parade. Parents of younger children may come as early as 1:00 to help with changing into costumes in the classroom; the official parade and costume viewing from the Playbarn begins at 1:30. Please note that unfortunately, this year we’ve had to cancel the staff play.

What’s Appropriate for School?
Remember some Miquon students are as young as three years old. Therefore, please no masks, no weapons, no scary monsters. Also, no candy. Thanks!

What about Dismissal?
You may depart with your child following the parade — just make sure you check out with an office staff person before you leave. (Your child is welcomed to stay until regular 2:55 pm dismissal as well, when he or she may take a bus/van/parent car ride home per usual.)



Class potlucks as we know them are listed below. If you want to get in touch with your class parents or ANY Miquon family, you can find their contact information using the Parent Portal.

  • Nursery: Sat, Oct 28, 3:00 – 5:00 pm at the Marudas/Pappas residence. Please RSVP to Tamara or Tammy
  • Kindergarten: Contact Samian Kaur and Deep Singh, Marika and James Holte
  • Ben and Celia’s Group and Marea and Rich’s Group: Combined potluck on Sun, Oct 29, 1:00 – 3:00 pm on the Miquon campus
  • Rachel and Marie’s Group: Sat, Nov 11; email your time preference and location suggestions to Eliza Taylor.
  • Wendy and Sara’s Group: We need class parents! Contact Skip Coon to volunteer!
  • Diane and Mark’s Group: Jen and Zach Hasse
  • Louis and Jeri’s Group: Kim Raznov-Coon and Skip Coon


This spring we will be bringing Girls on the Run to Miquon!  The program is a non-profit organization “dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.”  It will be open to girls in Grades 3-6.  At the end of 10 weeks of fun, connection, friendship and running training we will all run a celebratory, non competitive 5k.

We could really use your help coaching!!
If you are curious about coaching, please email Carolyn Seplow at cseplow@gmail.com and she will happily send you information.

The bead making minicourse is in full swing!


Yoga  | Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 pm
Miquon Campus | 2025 Harts Ln, Conshohocken

Yoga for Miquon staff and parents, led by local yogi Tara Culp, runs in the Clisby Library after school for eight weeks. The cost is $104. Drop-ins are welcome. Drop-in fee is $15.

Free child care provided at After Care for the class period.

For more details, contact Rossana Zapf.

Empowering Children to Cope with Bullies, Teasers and “Impossible Kids” | Weds, Oct 25, 6:30 pm
Quaker School of Horsham | 250 Meetinghouse Road, Horsham

This presentation by Mike Fogel, Founder and Clinical Director of Child and Family Art Therapy Center is free & open to the public.


Pirate Jenny’s Conspiracy – Yolanda Wisher | Sun, Nov 5, 7:00 pm*
Intercultural Journeys | 3701 Chestnut St, Phila

Rage. Love. Revenge. Follow poet Yolanda Wisher as she charts the fantastical journeys of Pirate Jenny.

*Note the date/time correction from last week. This event will be held Sun, Nov 5.


Parenting Teenagers, A presentation by Dr. Lisa Damour | Tues, Nov 7, 7:00 pm
Woodlynde School | 445 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford

Most parents have been warned about the stress of raising a teen: the friction with friends, the rush of emotions, the stinging rudeness followed by sweet affection. But your child’s teenage years don’t have to feel like a tangled mess for you or them.

There’s a predictable pattern to how children grow, a blueprint for adolescent development. Lisa Damour, Ph.D., pulls back the curtain on the teenage years and shows why your child’s erratic and confusing behavior is actually healthy, necessary, and natural. Damour will explain what’s going on, how to prepare parents for what’s to come, and lets them know when it’s time to worry.

This event is free and open to the public.