Miquon Matters, 11.6.17

By Kristin Sanderson

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  1. Note there’s no lunch order this week, pizza will be on deck next week.
  2. Parent-teacher conferences are this week. Contact Pam if you want to confirm your conference day/time.
    Email Pam
  3. School is closed Friday; be sure to register for Vacation Care if you need it.
  4. Check the calendar; there’s a combined 5/6 adults-only potluck at the home of Jen Bradley this Friday at 7:00 pm; Rachel and Marie’s group potluck is Sat, Nov 11 at 5:00 pm in the classroom .
  5. Lice is present at Miquon. Check your child for lice.
    Detecting Lice



Conference Week
Conference week is a special time at Miquon — while the group teacher is out preparing for the evening conferences during the day, assistant teachers, specialists, and some of our favorite substitute teachers partner on a week-long theme study. It’s a chance to delve deeply into a particular topic with the students. The list of conference week teaching partners and themes follows.

  • Nursery: Elisa and Cassandra Orr/Donald Crews Author Study
  • Kindergarten: Sherry and Leigh Ashbrook/Bird Study
  • Ben and Celia’s class: Diego, Rossana and Jen/Picture Books of Songs
  • Rich and Kate/Adaptation: Plants and their Habitats
  • Marie and Lisa/Science through Sport
  • Sara and Amy/Picture Books and Illustrators
  • Jeri, Mark, Nicole, and Mariama O’Brien/Art, Community, and Change

If you want to learn more about Conference Week, check out Rich’s blog post about the circus study last year. It’s a great example of all the wonderful math and language arts skill development that happens during this focused theme work!

Conf Wk Blog


From Development
Charlotte is seeking volunteers to help her with a mailing. Work entails spending a short amount of time in the office or taking a stack of letters home to fold. If you’re interested and available to help, contact Charlotte.

Email Charlotte

From Admissions
We would like to extend a very special thanks to alumni parents Marcy Boroff  and Erin Elman who helped host the Admissions Information Evening last Thursday! We are also grateful to the middle and high school-aged alumni who served on our alumni panel: Sophia Diaz, Elise Hocking, Clare Rosenwinkel, and Dexter Zapf.


School is closed on Friday, November 10. Don’t forget to register for Vacation Care, available at full or half day rates 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. Activities include a nature hike, arts and crafts, sports games, and more. Please email D.J. Giordano to register!



Seeking Home for Rent

Starting this year, Miquon and The Crefeld School are helping to train new teachers through Progressive Education Lab. A part of this program entails hosting graduate students on our campuses Jan 1, 2018 through the end of March. We are actively seeking a four bedroom home for rent with ample on or off-street parking during this same time period. If you have any leads, get in touch with Susannah.

Email Susannah


Girls Rock Philly

Girls Rock Philly is accepting applications for adult participants in LRC (formerly known as Lady Rock Camp). This is an amazing and transformative experience that Kate Shapero highly recommends! NO music experience necessary to have your world rocked.



Youth Aid Panel Community Volunteers

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office is now accepting applications for Youth Aid Panel community volunteers. The Youth Aid Panel is a diversion program for juvenile offenders that gives them the option to appear before a panel of community volunteers rather than entering the juvenile court system.

If you’re interested, email Kate Shapero or call 215-686-7620.


Community Sing | Sun, Nov 19, 2:00 – 4:00 pm
The Miquon School | 2025 Harts Lane, Conshohocken

Come join with John Krumm and a cast of thousands in singing for no other reason than fun. We will do sing-alongs, traditional songs, rounds, and maybe try out a harmony or two, Non-singers are welcome. We provide buckets for carrying tunes on request. You can bring light refreshments, instruments, songs you would like to share, and song requests.