$5,000 Gift in Memory of Dr. Jackie Mancall

By Kristin Sanderson

20140521_miq_g_18This past December, Miquon was thrilled to receive a gift in the amount of $5,000 from Peter Mancall ’71 and Lisa Bitel in memory of Dr. Jackie Mancall.

The Mancall family has a long history with Miquon, and they have remained deeply connected and dedicated to the school over the years. Jackie was president of the Miquon Board of Directors from 1964-66, and later served as an administrator from 1966-67. Lastly, she was the school’s librarian from 1967-75. Both of her children, Peter and Andrew, attended Miquon.

This gift, designated for purchasing new books for the Clisby Library, comes at a time when the library is focusing on the development of its collection. Librarian Amy Vaccarella has been assessing the state of the collection, and finds that many books are outdated and in need of replacement, particularly in the nonfiction section. Areas that need specific attention include health and physical sciences, computer science and programming languages, sports, and engineering. Since receiving the Mancall gift, Amy has been carefully selecting new books that will obtain new learning materials for Miquon students, while at the same time, striving to support their personal interests and curiosities. The school remains deeply grateful for this thoughtful and timely gift.