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Welcome to Miquon! We are glad that you found us and we hope that you take from our website the feelings we experience in person everyday – warmth, familiarity, challenge and connection.

There is a real joy at Miquon. Children play happily outdoors and inside, running gleefully from one place to the next to find out what new opportunities await them. They are guided as much by one another as by the thoughtful, reflective, intellectual team of staff members who intentionally plan and shape their days, building on the varied interests of children that surface throughout our days together.

Just as I remember from when I was a student here, the teachers are clearly the heart of Miquon. This is what leads to the incredible sense we hear from Miquon graduates of having been truly known as a student and a person. It is this grounding in oneself that helps Miquon graduates go out into the world with the skills and inclination to make their mark and make a difference.

Please plan to come visit us at Miquon, to play in our woods and creek, to engage in deep conversation, to solve problems and to pursue your passions. I look forward to having you join us for the wondrous adventure ahead.

Susannah Wolf ’81


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