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Diversity at Miquon

Miquon commits to being an anti-racist community through our curriculum and ongoing efforts to dismantle structural racism within and beyond the institution. We value the beauty and richness of our differences and are stronger because of our distinct backgrounds and plurality of perspectives. At Miquon, conversations about differences and belonging are integral not only in building an honest community but also in supporting each student in the development of their sense of self. We engage children intentionally in thoughtful, age-appropriate classroom discussions about real-world inequity. In philosophy and practice, Miquon strives to support every kind of diversity, be it an individual’s race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, political views, learning style, or ability. This work requires ongoing critical self-reflection, targeted education, and responsive action. We continue to learn, grow, and strive to create a school community that lives up to our ideals.

Honoring equity and diversity involves acknowledging when we fall short of creating a space where every community member can be appreciated for who they truly are. For Miquon, this work is innately collaborative. We support students and adults in deliberately confronting bias and racism, developing reflective practices, and valuing different points of view as we solve problems. The responsibility for creating a culture of belonging is one that lies with every member of this community, from the students and staff to the parents and Board. 

Ultimately, any conversation at Miquon begins with the premise that our efforts are never complete. We recognize that conflicts can be rooted in limited perspectives and collective biases, and we aim to challenge them with vulnerability, honesty, and empathy. Each time we set foot on campus is an opportunity to live out our philosophy and create an environment in which more members feel ownership.

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