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Scholarship Opportunities

Children’s Scholarship Fund

Philadelphia residents are strongly encouraged to submit an application to Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia. This is a lottery that provides tuition assistance to families with lower incomes. To qualify you must be a resident of Philadelphia, have a child in grades K through 5, and fall within the income guidelines. Apply as soon as possible! Priority deadline for scholarships applicants falls in November.


Justin Leevy Scholarship Fund

The Justin Leevy ’82 Scholarship Fund was created by Justin’s family and friends to honor the memory of Justin while increasing the diversity of the Miquon School student body.

Miquon’s financial aid program strives to bring significant economic diversity to the school. Sometimes, however, ancillary costs above and beyond tuition may arise. One such cost is transportation to and from school — a cost that is not included among the school’s financial aid offerings.

The Justin Leevy ’82 Scholarship Fund will assist Nursery and Kindergarten families who may experience transportation as a barrier to a Miquon education. Transportation to and from Miquon is an additional expense for these young students who live in the City of Philadelphia, where children must be in First Grade or higher to ride the district-funded bus to school.

Each year for the duration of the Fund, up to $2,700 will be allocated toward van service for one or more Miquon students who are Philadelphia residents and who will increase the diversity of the school. By covering the van expense, the Fund will improve financial and physical access to Miquon.

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