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Miquon’s Plan for Academic Year 2020-21

We are pleased to present The Miquon School Plan, 2020-21. This plan was first released in June, and has been refined over the last two months. It was created with input from our entire staff and informed by many conversations with our families. The June plan explains in detail how our cohort-based class structuring will work.

This plan has evolved from the cautiously optimistic hope that we will be together on campus for a significant number of school days next year, while addressing the unfortunate possibility that remote learning will also continue to be part of our lives. While this crisis is unsettling in the number of things we don’t know, there are some things we do know about why Miquon will be able to provide a safe space and exceptional academic program for children next year:

  • Our campus is large and provides plenty of outdoor space to learn while being physically distant. Outdoor learning is already a foundational part of a Miquon education.
  • Childhood is an essential time for developing social emotional skills and building relationships and community. We do that work most effectively when we are together, but we can also build strong relationships remotely if needed as a result of our committed, creative, and engaging teachers.
  • Community is an essential part of Miquon. If we trust in each other we can help protect one another. As a small community we are better positioned to do this than many.
  • Progressive education is inherently nimble, which allows us to remain uniquely Miquon while adapting our class groupings, spaces, and academic program to enhance our on-campus and remote learning experiences in ways that help children develop independence and agency as learners, key to supporting our students regardless of the setting.
  • We are and will continue to provide differentiated learning to meet students where they are developmentally, which we can do remotely as well as in person.
  • We already prioritize knowing about and caring about each other as part of our core curriculum and can build on this strength to teach children how to keep each other as healthy as possible, while also being able to further our development of cultural competency by recognizing the different experiences of each child and family.

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, and will continue to affect us for some time to come. We have composed this plan with the intention to harness the aspects of living with and learning around this virus that are within our control, knowing that we cannot control many factors, and that the public health crisis will continue to evolve. Please consider this a living document — while these are our plans now, in early June, we will need to adapt them as the world changes this summer, and we may need to modify them based on your feedback, which we will continue to solicit now and throughout next year and beyond.

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