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Program and Philosophy

Miquon offers a Progressive educational program that very intentionally provides children with a balance of structure and flexibility. Structure is provided through clearly articulated goals and expectations for ages, close observation of individual needs, and intense teacher involvement in each child’s progress. The flexibility necessary for children to develop independence, self-motivation, and a passion for learning comes from providing them the space to experiment, to take a different path, to make choices, and to take risks.


  1. Children learn by doing.
  2. Helping children learn to think is as important as teaching any specific subject matter.
  3. Learning occurs in ways unique to each child.
  4. Children’s curiosity and initiative are integral to their education.
  5. Independence is a vital part of every child’s development.
  6. Working with others enhances children’s growth in every domain.
  7. Every person is a thinker, creator, and contributor.
  8. The natural world is a place to learn.
  9. Childhood should be fun, and children should find joy in learning.
  10. Children can be upstanders and agents of change.

Use the links to the left to learn more about our scope and sequence for the areas of study and how our educators integrate learning throughout the curriculum.

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