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Board Directory

All current parents are members of the Miquon Corporation and therefore, are invited and encouraged to attend monthly board meetings. These meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Often there are opportunities for parents to get involved with board committee work as well. If you have questions about the board or would like to get in touch with a board member, please contact Director of Development Charlotte Boulay at

André Robert Lee

Member, Board of Directors

André currently serves as the Executive Producer for the WNYC Live Radio show: Notes From America. He is a Film Maker, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Writer, and Educator. André has committed his entire career to building an army of change agents. His process includes Many Things; New York City Public Schools, The Ford Foundation, Miramax Films,…READ MORE »

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Member, Board of Directors

Stemming from my own love of nature and the outdoors which has guided my career in conservation, Miquon was a natural fit for our daughter, Stella. My wife and I love the teachers, staff, and the community, so we both serve the school. I joined the board in 2021 and my wife, Georgia, is the…READ MORE »

Bill Curran

Member, Board of Directors

Influenced by Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods," my wife and I looked for an education that would nurture our children and give them a deep experience of nature as we both had in rural upstate New York. We found that at Miquon. And after some time, I wanted contribute more to the community…READ MORE »

Cerys St. John Richter

Chair, Board of Directors; Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

I am the Chief of Staff at Drexel University Kline School of Law, where I serve as a member of the senior leadership of the law school. I am also an attorney who has specialized in litigation of health law, medical and insurance matters. I am a graduate of Temple University James E. Beasley School…READ MORE »

Courtney Nassar

3rd/4th Grade Teacher; Member, Board of Directors

From the moment I stepped out of my car, I sensed that Miquon would be my next home. After teaching for years in Egypt and Morocco, I wanted to return home to magic. The day that the Miquon School appeared in my job search a spark was reignited. Choice time, boundaries, and mixed age classrooms…READ MORE »

Dimitri Pappas

Dimitri Pappas

Member, Board of Directors

Our family’s belief is that there’s nothing more important than education, that our children’s education is paramount and we want to do everything we can to be involved in helping their school. Our children have been attending Miquon for three years and we have loved everything about the Miquon experience. Both kids have grown during…READ MORE »

Frances Sayers

Member, Board of Directors

Never did I anticipate learning so much from a school I did not attend! We came to Miquon looking for a school that would provide a strong education for our child, foster his growing sense of independence, and cultivate his love of learning. We wanted a place where he would be known. We found all…READ MORE »

Keshia Mahan

Member, Board of Directors

When I first set foot on the Miquon campus, I knew it was the school I wanted my children to attend. The philosophy of the school and the values they hold align so closely with my own. I wanted a place where my daughter could find her voice, be a child, love learning, and cultivate…READ MORE »

Lee-Ann Chae

Member, Board of Directors

It’s amazing to me how quickly my family fell in love with Miquon. Everyday, and everywhere on its beautiful campus, my son has the chance to wonder at the natural world, as Miquon fosters his joy for learning, as well as his sense of justice. He continues to develop as an independent and confident thinker,…READ MORE »

Matt Taylor

Member, Board of Directors

I am a writer, editor, PR/marketing strategist, dog-walker, bird watcher, longtime (and one-time long-suffering) Boston Red Sox fan, devoted uncle, loving son and brother, and Super Fan of all things Miquon. A Lifer (Class of '84), Miquon (more than anything) has informed my core values and instilled my belief in the vital importance of both…READ MORE »

Miriam Rock

Secretary, Board of Directors; Chair, Diversity, Equity, and Action Committee

I graduated from Miquon in 2004 and, to this day, consider it my most influential educational experience. As a current high school English teacher at Friends Select School, I draw on my experience at Miquon daily. I am constantly inspired by the ways in which its child-centered, progressive and rigorous curricula helped me develop agency…READ MORE »

Prentiss Smith

Treasurer, Board of Directors

My wife and I have two children at Miquon and have loved their experience so far. The campus setting recalls my childhood in rural Vermont and the natural environment has been a great extension of the classroom for our kids. I have lived in Philadelphia for well over a decade now, and run a socially-responsible…READ MORE »

Rachel Reynolds

Member, Board of Directors

I am a middle school teacher in the area, and proud parent of a current Miquon student. As soon as we set foot on campus when we were touring local kindergartens, we fell in love with Miquon. As we moved through the buildings and learned more about the program, we became deep believers in the…READ MORE »

Sarah Stippich

Librarian; Member, Board of Directors

As a child my parents often found me up in my favorite tree, reading a book. So when I saw the opportunity to join the staff at the Miquon School in a dreamy little library in the woods, at a school where children’s independence and creativity are nourished, my attention was piqued. After earning my…READ MORE »

Susannah Wolf '81

Principal; Member, Board of Directors (ex officio)

I am delighted to be back at Miquon as it is one of my favorite places in the world. I remember the freedom and joy I felt to be learning and playing at Miquon as a child. I always felt so known by all my teachers – each engaged with me distinctly, challenging me to…READ MORE »

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