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Board Directory

All current parents are members of the Miquon Corporation and therefore, are invited and encouraged to attend monthly board meetings. These meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Often there are opportunities for parents to get involved with board committee work as well. If you have questions about the board or would like to get in touch with a board member, please contact Director of Development Charlotte Boulay at [email protected].

Bill Curran

Member, Board of Directors

Influenced by Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods," my wife and I looked for an education that would nurture our children and give them a deep experience of nature as we both had in rural upstate New York. We found that at Miquon. And after some time, I wanted contribute more to the community…READ MORE »

Cerys St. John Richter

Strategic Planning Committee Chair and Secretary, Board of Directors

I am Chief of Staff at the Drexel University Kline School of Law and an attorney who has specialized in litigation of health law, medical and insurance matters, and a recent graduate of an MBA program. My husband, Nathan, and I have been believers in Miquon since before we even had children, and are very…READ MORE »

Dimitri Pappas

Member, Board of Directors

Our family’s belief is that there’s nothing more important than education, that our children’s education is paramount and we want to do everything we can to be involved in helping their school. Our children have been attending Miquon for three years and we have loved everything about the Miquon experience. Both kids have grown during…READ MORE »

Marea Palmer-Loh

Third Grade Teacher and Member, Board of Directors

I first fell in love with Miquon as a parent. We were looking for a school for my daughter that was responsive to children's needs, development, and how they learn best—Miquon ticked all those boxes and then some. Now both of my children attend Miquon, and the three of us feel so fortunate we get…READ MORE »

Matt Taylor

Member, Board of Directors

I am a writer, editor, PR/marketing strategist, dog-walker, bird watcher, longtime (and one-time long-suffering) Boston Red Sox fan, devoted uncle, loving son and brother, and Super Fan of all things Miquon. A Lifer (Class of '84), Miquon (more than anything) has informed my core values and instilled my belief in the vital importance of both…READ MORE »

Miriam Rock

Member, Board of Directors

I graduated from Miquon in 2004 and, to this day, consider it my most influential educational experience. As a current high school English teacher at Friends Select School, I draw on my experience at Miquon daily. I am constantly inspired by the ways in which its child-centered, progressive and rigorous curricula helped me develop agency…READ MORE »

Olivia Prudhomme

Miquon’s child-centered Progressive education, beautiful earthy campus, and highly dedicated teachers and staff have supported and energized our two children. I am always impressed with how well the teachers know our children and how they creatively manage to make highly rigorous and challenging concepts both fun and accessible. My background is in Clinical Social Work.…READ MORE »

Peter Commons

Chair, Board of Directors

My wife and I knew when we found Miquon that it was just the right fit for our daughter, who is now in Bree and Rich’s group (second grade). We value Miquon’s ability to foster creativity and self-possession, and to channel those strengths toward academic discipline. It is a privilege to serve on the Board,…READ MORE »

Rossana Zapf

Director of Curricular and Professional Growth

I have vivid memories of the playroom my sister and I shared when we were little: our beloved kitchen set, a tiny desk, magnetic letters, a surplus of art supplies, lots of dolls, a mini piano and a typewriter I inherited to practice writing. In this sacred space I especially loved playing school. So it's…READ MORE »

Susannah Wolf '81


I am delighted to be back at Miquon as it is one of my favorite places in the world. I remember the freedom and joy I felt to be learning and playing at Miquon as a child. I always felt so known by all my teachers – each engaged with me distinctly, challenging me to…READ MORE »

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