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Diversity, Equity, and Action

Embedded in Miquon’s philosophy is the belief that a strong school community contains a rich mix of individuals who contribute a variety of talents, styles, opinions, and experiences to the learning process. We are constantly striving to reach out to families and staff from a wide variety of economic, racial and cultural backgrounds. We welcome the assortment of personalities, interests, and learning styles that Miquon children bring to our classrooms. Our official statement on this topic can be read here.

For many years, Miquon has had a Diversity Committee including members of staff, parents, and the Principal. This group, along with the diversity coordinator and/or multicultural curriculum coordinator, supports the school in raising awareness and facilitating conversation about issues of inclusion. It brings guest performers and speakers to Miquon, and generates programs that celebrate the existing diversity within the school community.


“In their local, year-long SEED seminars, SEED leaders and colleagues use their own experiences and those of their students and children to widen and deepen . . . curricula and make communities more inclusive.” — Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity

Currently, we are employing a Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) group for Miquon staff, led by one staff member who attended a week-long, in-depth SEED training. The function of the group is to extend the SEED training to Miquon staff, as well as provide an opportunity to come together on a monthly basis to talk about issues surrounding diversity, equity, and action. This work impacts classroom discussions, curriculum development, and educational activities across the grade levels at Miquon.

Other Staff Work

The Miquon staff bring a depth and richness of experience to the classroom on topics of diversity and cultural competency. Their professional training and personal experiences combine with our students’ own perspectives, prior experiences, and cultural backgrounds to shape classroom meetings, discussions, and even curricular study. Miquon staff regularly join the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) People of Color Conference.

In addition, several Miquon staff meetings and in-service days are devoted to work on diversity, equity, and action. Over the past few years, for instance, the Mazzoni Center has helped us further support all children in their developing an understanding of gender identity, gender presentation, and the continuum of gender. Other recent work has focussed on implementing tools from Responsive Classroom, a program that strives for education that is built on a safe and joyful learning community.

Our staff has also heard from a wide variety of experts, including recent presentations by:

Board Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Action

The Miquon School Board of Directors’ Diversity, Equity, and Action (DEA) committee gauges the community’s thoughts around equity and diversity and plans activities. Through surveys and community meetings, the group is striving to provide opportunities for Miquon community members to share their individual voice on this important topic. Ultimately, this work will inform the development of a strategic plan for diversity, equity, and action at Miquon.

Events and Special Programs

Events are seen as one (but not the only) method to raise awareness and celebrate the diversity of those around us. Miquon has twice hosted the area’s Elementary School Diversity Day, an awareness-building event put together by the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative. Over one-hundred students and teachers from several area independent schools participate in art projects, cooperative games, team building activities, and sessions ranging from “We’re in this Together” to “What is Social Justice?”

Other recent programs for our students and community include:

Resources for Parents

We have assembled a resource list for parents containing books, films, and other materials.

Check out the multicultural book list for young and older children from Big Blue Marble.

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