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Our Campus

The Miquon community acknowledges that the school is on the traditional land of the Lenape people.

Seven buildings, housing one to three classroom spaces each, and one building across the creek, housing all the administrative offices, plus ten acres of steep terrain, woods, and a live stream make our physical facilities an enormous piece of our identity and an integral part of our program.  A strong commitment to the notion that the natural environment as a place to learn is evident at Miquon among parents, teachers, and students alike, with a much interest in environmental sustainability at the classroom level. 

We delight in the woods

We delight in the woods, creek and numerous areas for play and exploration our campus provides.  We intend for children to make discoveries and the outdoor spaces allow that to happen daily. In practice, we actually consider the outdoors a part of our instructional facilities, with the flora and fauna providing a natural classroom for witnessing and delving into many subjects just outside the classroom walls — everything from the biology of woodland creatures to a first-hand study of ecology and ecosystems is available here. 

Mission-critical learning for children

The topographical layout of Miquon’s geographical location provides mission-critical learning and growth opportunities for our children: The outdoors space not only lends itself to children’s development of independence through the ability to move autonomously throughout the campus, it also provides our students the tremendous benefits of engaging in physical movement (between buildings) and honing navigation skills multiple times a day.  

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