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Welcome Back

We are delighted that you have found your way back to Miquon via the website. You will find recent and not-so-recent news of your fellow alums in this section. And of course, Miquon is on Facebook – please “like” our page. And we would like to hear how this website can be made more useful for you.

We are always looking for your news, your memories, and most of all, your contact information. Please take a few minutes to catch us up using the form below. We will post your news in the next edition of Grapevine.

Alums and old friends: your continuing financial contributions are essential to maintain Miquon as a financially healthy school. We deeply appreciate your support. Find out more about how to give back to Miquon.

Alumni play a vital role in keeping Miquon connected to its past history, as well as securing its future. One important way for alums to provide this bridging role is to serve on the Miquon Board.

Alums who are currently members of the Board:
Greg Mandel (1981)

Alumni parents on the Board:
Sara Gordon, parent of (Russell Janzen ’01 and Isabel Janzen ’04)

If you would like to find out about the opportunities for serving on the Board in the future, please contact Susannah Wolf, our principal.

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