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Extended Day Programs

Early Morning Care

Nursery and Kindergarten children may be dropped off at the After Care Room any time after 7:45am for a gentle easing in to the school day. Activities include indoor play and read alouds until the buzzer rings and they are escorted up to their classrooms. Children ages 1st grade and older play outside or join Morning Care after checking in at the office. Free of charge.

After Care

Children come directly from their classrooms at the end of the school day and are checked in at the After Care Room. A snack is served and children stay in or near the After Care Room until all the buses have gone.

Most of the afternoon is then spent with outdoor free play, much of it in the creek and woods or playing sports games on the wood chip field. Games, dress-up clothing, art projects and toys are also available to the children each day. Legos are a favorite, but also puzzles, books, clay, marbles and blocks are popular choices for the children.

Our skilled, attentive staff do all they can to help each child feel at home in After Care. For yearly contract and discount, register before the start of school.

Login to the Parent Portal to submit your annual After Care Contract.

Or register on an ad-hoc basis by emailing D.J. Giordano at [email protected].

Evening Care
6:00-9:00pm (times may vary)

Offered only for designated events, children may come to the After Care Room while parents attend a school event. Most children choose outdoor play until dark and then quieter indoor play using the various games, toys, dress-ups and art materials available in the After Care Room. Siblings over the age of 3 are welcome (under 3 must be with accountable older sibling or adult at all times).

Depending on timing, occasionally a pizza dinner and/or snack is offered.

Vacation Care
8:00am-6:00pm; half day registration available

Vacation Day Care is offered on certain days during Winter Break, Spring Break, and some holidays. We use the After Care Room as our home base but spend most of our time outside in free play or organized activities around the campus. Our imaginative, skilled staff keep the children involved with games, stories, toys and activities, and parents are kept informed about the character of each day.

Children bring their lunches to Vacation Care; morning and afternoon snacks are provided by Miquon.

View 2019-20 Vacation Care dates and rates and register by emailing [email protected].

Summer Vacation Care
8:00am-6:00pm; half day registration available

Summer Vacation Day Care is offered for Miquon School students, Miquon Day Camp campers, and area children ages 4-12. We offer supervised games, craft projects, and outdoor activities. All children participate in a daily swim that is supervised by our staff and a certified lifeguard.

Children bring their lunches to Vacation Care; morning and afternoon snacks are provided by Miquon. Transportation is NOT provided. Unplanned daily drop-ins are welcome, but advance notice is greatly appreciated.

To register, download the 2020 Summer Vacation Care registration form.

*Please also submit a physical examination form with your registration if there is not a form already on file with the school or camp.

**Parents of very young children attending Summer Vacation Care may wish to reach our Letter about Toilet Learning.


You will receive a monthly bill (October through June) from the Business Office for the EDP services that you have used. Please address billing inquiries to the Business Office by phoning 610-828-1231 or emailing [email protected].

School Closings

If the school has to close early for snow or other emergency, the After Care Program will also be closed, unless announced otherwise. During vacations days, it may be necessary to close Vacation Care if weather conditions necessitate. Stay tuned for announcements from the school.

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