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Miquon Nursery

The youngest children at Miquon are the three and four year-olds in our Nursery. Like all of Miquon’s classrooms, the Nursery is a haven for curious, imaginative thinkers and learners. We recognize that there are a host of preschool options available to families in greater Philadelphia area.  That said, we feel there is no program quite as special as the Miquon Nursery.

  • Our academic program is led by two dedicated teachers committed to building literacy and numeracy throughout the day, and especially during inquiry time, circle time, and choice
  • Play — as shown by many long-term studies as having many positive effects on the physical, emotional, and mental well being of children — is at the heart of our program
  • Much time is spent out-of-doors on our wooded campus, playing the creek, digging in the dirt, climbing play structures, planting gardens
  • Nursery is integrated into the life of the school with school-wide programs and activities

Child Development

At this stage of development, Miquon’s youngest students are developing in important physical, social, and emotional ways. Throughout the year, our teachers help children to develop their relationships with themselves (e.g., improving self-care skills like hand washing and dressing appropriately for the weather), with others (e.g., improving communication skills like listening to others or playing in a cooperative fashion), and with our school (e.g., learning how to manage transitions during the school day, participating in group meetings).

The Details

The Nursery program is a full-day program, with part-time options (three or four full days or five half days). The maximum number of children in the classroom on any given day is 19. Children must be 3 years old by September 1st of the school year and be using the bathroom independently. Please read our Guide to Toilet Learning for more information. Nursery students arrive on campus at 8:30 am with their older peers and the day ends at 3:00 pm; they travel to school either with their families or on one of Miquon’s vans. Along with our After School Program, it is possible to have day-long child care for your child (as early at 7:45 am to as late at 6:00 pm).

The day typically includes:

  • Circle time, in which we gather to sing old and new songs, read stories, and share ideas;
  • Inquiry time, in which we invite children into hands-on explorations of ideas and materials thereby fostering independence and allowing each child to move at his or her own pace;
  • Outdoor adventures, where we play, explore and learn in Miquon’s beautiful natural play scape;
  • A visit to one of Miquon’s specialists, including library, science, music, art, and PE. The Nursery visits one specialist per day in a half group.
  • Half group time, during which half the class has more personal instructional time with the two teachers while the other half is at a specialist.
  • Choice time, both inside and outside, where Nursery students can choose an activity.
  • Snack and lunch time. A healthy morning snack is provided by Miquon; students bring their lunch to school from home. On Fridays, the 5th/6th graders raise money for special projects through special lunch sales of pizza or hoagies. If families choose to not buy lunch on Fridays, children bring their own from home.
  • Nap time or quiet time in the early afternoon.

Read The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) guide to finding a High Quality Program for your Preschooler.

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