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Planned Giving

By making a decision to honor The Miquon School through a planned gift, you are not only supporting future generations of Miquon students–you are helping to ensure Miquon’s longevity, preserving progressive education in the greater Philadelphia area for years to come.  Due to the many tax benefits surrounding planned gifts to nonprofit organizations, you are also making a financial decision that will greatly benefit all of your beneficiaries.

The most popular and simple giving plans at The Miquon School are:


A bequest is a donation of cash, personal property, or real estate provided in the donor’s will. The gift is most often made as a specific amount, a percentage, or a remainder amount, and can be as easy to establish as adding the following sentence to your Will:
“I devise and bequeath to The Miquon School, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, [dollar amount of gift, or the word ‘all’, or a percentage of the estate] to be used for its general purposes ( or endowment, a specific program, etc..).”

Retirement Plans

The Miquon School can be named as the sole or partial beneficiary in your retirement plans such as IRAs, 401 (k) plans and 403 (b) plans. By naming Miquon as a beneficiary of your retirement plans, you may be able to avoid both income and estate tax, allowing you to leave your lower-taxed assets to your family. Your retirement plan administrators can provide you with the necessary information and forms to include The Miquon School in your retirement plans.

Life Insurance Policies

By naming The Miquon School as the sole or partial beneficiary of your fully-paid life insurance policy, you may be able to avoid the estate tax on the proceeds. This revocable gift is easy to arrange; simply contact your insurance company for a Change of Beneficiary form.

For more information about planned giving, please contact Charlotte Boulay, Director of Development, at or 610-828-1231.

*Please consult your financial and/or legal advisors to determine which type of gift is best for you and for legal requirements regarding these gifts.

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