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Tuition and Fees

Tuition 2017-18

Nursery (3 full days) $11,375
Nursery (4 full days) $13,820
Nursery (5 half days) $13,820
Nursery (5 full days) $17,160

Kindergarten $18,570
First Grade $19,840
Second Grade $20,495
Third Grade $21,155
Fourth Grade $21,920
Fifth Grade $22,625
Sixth Grade $23,250

Tuition includes:
Early Morning Care
All books and instructional materials
Morning snack
Day field trips

Tuition does not include:
One-time purchase of Miquon Corporation Bond ($200)
After-school and vacation day care (see Fees)
Miquon van transportation (see Fees)

Payment options
There are three options for payment of tuition:
One-time payment of full tuition (discount 1% of tuition due)
Two installments, 60% and 40%
Ten monthly installments (plus 2.5% of tuition due)

Fees For Optional Services

Families may choose to use Miquon’s van transportation, after-school or vacation and summer day care programs for an additional fee.

Miquon van transportation
Nursery and Kindergarten – full year contract
$2,680 (6-10 trips per week)
$1,650 (1-5 trips per week)

First-Sixth Grade – full year contract
$3,920 (6-10 trips per week)
$2,485 (1-5 trips per week)

After-school care fees
Full Year Contract:
5 days (early pick-up*) $2,550/ $2,180 for siblings
5 days $3,260/ $2,795 for siblings
4 days (early pick-up*) $2,320/ $1,960 for siblings
4 days $2,790/ $2,405 for siblings
3 days(early pick-up*) $1,960/ $1,635 for siblings
3 days $2,230/ $1,895 for siblings

Daily Rate (early pick-up*): $15/ $13 for siblings
Daily Rate: $22/ $19 for siblings
*early pick-up is at 5:00 pm

Vacation day care, 8:00am-6:00pm
$73 daily rate/ $63 for siblings
$36 half day rate/ $20 for siblings

The Value of a Miquon Education

“My years at Miquon helped nurture my creativity and supported my ability to challenge convention to become the person I am today.”
–Hank Seifert ’67

“With the joy of parenthood came the confusion of what might constitute best decisions on their behalf. When a friend, a Miquon alumnus, wholeheartedly recommended Miquon above the other private schools we looked into, we took her advice. The joys of Miquon infected our kids immediately and expanded on our parental joy by involving us in our children’s school lives.

“Our enthusiasm (and sweat) attending work and school days and their daily joy attending school combined to make the Miquon experience an indelible one in our lives and theirs.”
–Fredda London, Alumni Parent

“Miquon taught me to love learning. I was encouraged to take seriously the questions I had about the world and I was given the skills to ask those questions effectively . . . I think the values it promotes in and out of the classroom made me into a better person, and make the world into a better place.”
–Patrick Rock ’99

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