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How Camp Works A-Z

Please read through the handbook information below.

After Camp Care
Behavior Expectations for the Campers in Our Care
Clothing, Sunscreen, and More
Contact Information and Communications
Drop off and Pick up
First Aid Procedures
Lunch and Snacks

After Camp Care

After Camp Care is available from the end of the camp day until 6 p.m. with free swim time when the weather permits. A snack is provided. Transportation home is not provided. Parents picking up children after 6 p.m. will be charged a late fee of $1/minute.

Children enrolled for both transportation and After Camp Care can still ride the bus home on days when they do not stay.  Please provide us with an “end of the day schedule” as it is available.  It is important to alert us to changes as early as possible.

Please make sure that your child knows whether or not they are staying in After Camp Care or riding home.  Any uncertainty at the end of the day can be very upsetting to young children.

Occasional attendance at After Camp Care is also permitted.  The cost is $25/day and the camp office must be informed no later than 2 p.m. the day of, with the day before being preferred.  You will be billed at the end of each session for drop-in usage. Communication regarding After Camp Care can be sent to

Behavior Expectations for the Campers in Our Care

Children becoming responsible members of our camp community is an integral part of our program.

Goals for our Camp Community:

  • We want our campers to feel safe, valued, and free to grow and change.
  • We want the campus and all its elements to be cared for, explored, and treasured.
  • We want children to develop the behaviors that will help them become contributing, trusted members of any community.
  • Our commitment is to help each child meet these goals in developmentally appropriate ways.  For instance, what can be expected of a 4-year-old is different from what can be expected of a 10-year-old.

We Expect the Children will:

  • Treat each other with care and respect, not demeaning or destroying the person or the work of others.
  • Treat the environment with care.
  • Work cooperatively when participating in group activity.
  • Seek help by asking for it.
  • Include others in play and settle disputes in nonviolent ways.
  • Seek an adult for help when a conflict cannot be resolved nonviolently or when dangerous or abusive behavior is occurring.
  • Not use offensive language.
  • Stay within the boundaries of the play area, taking responsibility for their behavior.

Going over these goals and expectations with your child will help support their camp experience.


Clothing, Sunscreen, and More

  • The dress at MDC is quite informal.  We require CLOSED-TOED SHOES (sneakers, crocs, Keen-type shoes) and recommend that children dress for the weather in washable play clothes that will stand abuse.  This is an outdoor camp, so clothing and towels will get muddy, and feet will need protection. All clothes should be marked with your child’s name.
  • You will receive a tote bag for your child’s belongings, which will be marked with their name and bunk.  On the first day of camp, send a complete set of extra clothes to be kept at camp for emergencies.
  • Campers swim every day and play in water (sprinklers, creek). We expect campers to wear their bathing suits throughout the day at camp. Campers will not change clothing at camp.
  • We do not permit items of a personal nature, such as cards, handheld games, cell phones, radios/mp3 players, toys or jewelry to be sent to camp. 
  • We ask families to send spray sunscreen for their campers to be kept at camp that will be applied mid-day with the supervision of counselors.  Please apply the first coat of sunscreen before your camper arrives at camp.
  • We recommend children have bug repellent (aka camp cologne) applied before arriving at camp and, if necessary, reapplied during the day.


Contact Information and Communications

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday each week that camp is in session: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Office Phone (Summer):  610-828-1231 (please do not call during arrival or dismissal,  9 a.m. or 3 p.m. respectively)
Office Phone (After Hours & Winter):  302-729-3463* 

*Our after hours number is the camp’s winter cell number 302-729-3463. This number will reach the personal voice mail of the Camp Director.  If you leave a message, please state the nature of your call so that we can collect the necessary information before we call you back. Families will also be given an after hours contact number for a lead counselor and the bus company.

The camp does not permit the use of cell phones by campers or staff during the camp day.

Depending on the nature of your communication and your need for a timely response, you are free to email the camp director at any time.  The camp director reads and responds to e-mail communication at the beginning (before 8 a.m.) and end of each day (after 5 p.m.).  They can be reached at

Notes & Letters:  Counselors will check bags of young campers each morning and forward notes to the proper person. It is suggested that notes be pinned to the outside of the camp bag.

A bunk update will be sent weekly. Please contact the office if you cannot read this communication. Also, look to our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter feeds to check out what is happening at camp.

We want to hear from you. You and your child are important to us. We would like to know of any problems or concerns that you may have during the camp season.  If you are especially pleased with a particular activity or situation, we would like to hear that also.


Drop-off and Pick-up

Drop Off

  • Please pull your vehicle into the camp driveway and proceed to the drop-off location where you will be met by a staff member. You MUST follow the traffic path, counterclockwise around the circle. There will be a car line, and we ask that you remain patient and understanding as we safely move campers into their day. Please plan your schedule accordingly.
  • K1-1B campers may be dropped off between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
  • 2A – 6  campers may be dropped off between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
  • If you have more than one child at camp, you can drop off at the oldest child’s timeframe listed above. 
  • Parents and guardians should not get out of the car except to unbuckle their camper as necessary.
  • At the drop-off location, a staff member will open your car door to escort your camper away from the driveway to be escorted to their bunk by our staff. 
  • Each family will be emailed a placard to indicate Bunk Number and Camper Name. Please keep this on the dash of your car when in the car line for drop off and pickup. 

Late Drop Off

If you are late dropping off, please bring your camper to the camp office. They will be escorted to meet their bunk by a staff member from there. 

Pick Up

  • Please pull your vehicle into the camp driveway and proceed to the pickup location where you will be met by a staff member.  You MUST follow the traffic path, counterclockwise around the circle. There will be a car line, and we ask that you remain patient and understanding as we safely move campers to go home. Please plan your schedule accordingly. Please note that the buses will be dismissed first, please wait until a staff member officially starts the car pickup line. 
  • K1-1B campers may be picked up starting at 3:15 p.m.
  • 2A – 6 campers may be picked up starting at 3:25 p.m. until 3:50 p.m.
  • Parents and guardians should not get out of the car unless they need to buckle their child. Campers will be brought to the parent/driver.

Early Pick Up

  • For early pick up, a parent MUST visit the office upon arrival.
  • The camper will be brought down to the office by a staff member.
  • Parents/guardians must show ID which matches the name given to our office staff.  The latest a parent can do an early pick up is 2:00 pm.  Please plan accordingly. 


First Aid Procedures

We have a nurse on staff during camp hours and a local pediatrician available for consultation. In an emergency, if we feel prompt medical attention is required, and we cannot reach you or your child’s doctor, we will take your child to the emergency room at Chestnut Hill Hospital.

Allergy medicine, or other special medications that your child requires should be given to the camp nurse.  Please provide accurate directions, or in some cases doctor’s orders, and written consent allowing the nurse to dispense the medication to your child.  Only the nurse may dispense medication.


Lunch and Snacks

Campers will bring their lunch to camp every day, except Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, a hot dog (beef/pork, turkey, or veggie) lunch is provided. Lunches that are not packed in insulated totes will be refrigerated. Lunch boxes/bags should be clearly marked with the camper’s name and bunk.  A beverage is provided with lunch, and snacks are provided daily.

Every camper must bring a water bottle that is filled before coming to camp each day. There will be additional water bottle filling stations. Paper cups are not used at outdoor water stations.



  • Campers will have four instructional and five free swims per week with sprinkler time on days not scheduled for the pool.
  • During instructional swim, our swim instructors will coach, guide, and instruct campers in water safety. This period is designed to help campers improve their swimming ability and become more relaxed and confident in the water, to contribute to health and physical fitness, and to increase the camper’s awareness of safety in an aquatic environment.


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