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News and Announcements

Giving voice to our best guess

On a recent afternoon, our math half group gathered in a circle around the rug with a container of small colorful cubes. Each child had a notecard and a pencil, and the question was simple: “How many cubes do you think are in the jar?” Our guesses were jotted down and then laid out along a number line in the center of the circle. As each of us named a number, we also gave our reasoning or method for arriving at that estimate. KB said he approximated how many cubes looked to be in each layer and then counted up … READ MORE »

Miquon Receives Protecting Our Water Award

The Schuylkill Action Network presented a Protecting Our Water Award to fifth and sixth grade students at The Miquon School for their work protecting the river and drinking water in the Schuylkill River Valley. READ MORE »

Electing the National Dougnut

Electing the national doughnut simulated the presidential race, complete with campaigning, voting, ballot collecting, and calculating the electoral vote as well as the popular one. READ MORE »