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News and Announcements

Electing the National Dougnut

Electing the national doughnut simulated the presidential race, complete with campaigning, voting, ballot collecting, and calculating the electoral vote as well as the popular one. READ MORE »

Visit Miquon School this Fall

How is Miquon different? Miquon children ages 3 and 4 begin in our Nursery, continuing and deepening their whole selves, bodies, minds, and spirits to thrive all the way through our sixth grade and beyond. Not only do Miquon graduates embark on the journeys of their lives prepared for the academics ahead — they are uniquely open-minded, open-hearted, resilient young people who know how to solve problems, think creatively, and advocate for themselves. Opportunities to Visit Miquon Of course you want the best for your children. Come visit Miquon in person, and learn how we put your child at the center of her own … READ MORE »