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Alison Glick

Alison Glick

Registrar and Office Manager

Miquon was a place I had heard about for years. With its creek, woods, and progressive approach to education, the school seemed like a magical place. The first time I visited, on a sunny fall day, I immediately understood why Miquon earned such a reputation. I support Miquon's Director of Admissions in growing our vibrant…READ MORE »

Anna Canova

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I am absolutely overjoyed to be a part of the beautiful learning that is happening at Miquon! I grew up in Delaware County, playing stickball on the corner with neighbors, seeking patches of dirt to dig for worms, and drawing with anything I could get my hands on. These passions persist today through plein air…READ MORE »

Anna Weisberg

5th/6th Grade Teacher

I am thrilled to be teaching at Miquon! I grew up in Mount Airy and have memories of swimming in the pool, looking for crawfish in the creek, and making up songs with friends as a camper at Miquon Day Camp in the summers. After about ten years of teaching third grade, I am excited…READ MORE »

Ben Coleman

Nursery Teacher

I first learned of Miquon while in graduate school in Oakland, CA, more than a decade before I found my way out east and set foot on campus. In the years that followed, the school dotted my radar twice more and never through any effort of my own. Then, circumstances brought my family east and…READ MORE »

Bree McNamara

Director of Admissions

Six years ago, my exhausted Hyundai and I hobbled up Harts Lane. We were searching for a place to apply the progressive teaching philosophy that existed in the pages of my graduate school readings. By the end of that day, I was lucky enough to be hired as a teacher here. Through my time leading…READ MORE »

Cara King

Extended Day Program Staff/Dance

I specialize in teaching classical ballet and creative movement. As a youth, I trained in the rigorous Royal Academy of Dance syllabus (based in the U.K.) and completed the program's official examinations. I also completed summer intensives at the Pennsylvania Central Youth Ballet, and later went on to earn a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography…READ MORE »

Cassandra Fiore

Nursery Teacher

After living and teaching in Chicago and France, I made my way to this little haven in the woods that is Miquon. One thing I love about working in the Nursery is the challenge of an emergent curriculum, an approach that begins with the child’s interests–even if they diverge from my own areas of comfort…READ MORE »

Courtney Nassar

1st/2nd Grade Teacher; Member, Board of Directors

From the moment I stepped out of my car, I sensed that Miquon would be my next home. After teaching for years in Egypt and Morocco, I wanted to return home to magic. The day that the Miquon School appeared in my job search a spark was reignited. Choice time, boundaries, and mixed age classrooms…READ MORE »

Cynthia Ramos

5th/6th Grade Teacher

I worked at Miquon during the 2020-21 school year, then spent a year at a Washington State YMCA working in science education with middle school students. Working in environmental education gave me an amazing opportunity to meet new students every week, and to use nature as our classroom — something I love about working at…READ MORE »

Dana Duffy

Learning Support Coordinator, Grades 3-6

My first experience with Miquon was as a day camper, where I have fond memories of playing by the creek in the shade of the woods. As a city kid, these early interactions with nature imprinted on me and cultivated a lasting love of the outdoors. As an educator, I believe that pedagogy should be…READ MORE »

Diego Maugeri

Music Teacher

At Miquon, my personal emphasis has been on music as a group experience. Along with the staples of general music (singing and dancing as the first and most spontaneous response to music), instrumental skills are refined through the use of xylophones, glockenspiels, and recorders as a first ensemble exploration. The message I want to convey…READ MORE »

DJ Giordano

DJ Giordano

Director of Extended Day Programs

I believe the best way to learn how to teach and connect with children is through working with all ages. I have had the wonderful experience of working with Miquon children since 2011 and have enjoyed each moment on campus with students, other teachers, and families. Prior to Miquon, I taught at Greene Street Friends…READ MORE »

Eléonore Moser

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I am thrilled to be at Miquon as a first and second-grade teacher. I spent several years teaching and coaching at another independent school in Philadelphia, and feel so lucky to be having my next chapter here. The first time I heard about Miquon, it reminded me of my own elementary school education in the…READ MORE »

Elisa Rosenwinkel

Kindergarten Teacher

One of my favorite things about Miquon is when our whole community comes together on Friday mornings for assembly. Each group sits with their buddy group and everyone is sincerely excited to see each other! It's a time when we sing songs, tell stories, or perform plays. Every month or so, we will also work…READ MORE »

Eliza Ruder

Kindergarten Teacher

Fun fact: I attended Miquon as a little sprout in the nursery and I learned to swim at Miquon Day Camp! I am excited to be at Miquon and continue to build relationships with the school community. A few of my favorite things about teaching at Miquon and in Progressive Education are incorporating DEAIJ+Belonging (Diversity,…READ MORE »

Geetha Holdsworth

Geetha Holdsworth

Head of School

I remember the first time I heard of The Miquon School. I was a third and fourth grade teacher at a Progressive school in the Hudson Valley, NY. As I planned my classes, I found materials initially developed at Miquon, and I felt a deep sense of camaraderie with the school for how it encouraged…READ MORE »

Hannah Goff

Learning Support Coordinator, Nursery through 2nd Grade

I am an educator with experience in both traditional and Montessori classrooms, holding instructional certifications through the state of Pennsylvania as well as the American Montessori Society. I have also completed a Master’s degree in the Reading/Writing/Literacy program at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, culminating in state certification as a reading specialist. My…READ MORE »

Jan Goldberg

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

I am thrilled to be at Miquon, a school that considers the outdoor classroom to be just as important as the indoor classroom. After teaching at a forest school in Brooklyn's Prospect Park for several years, I returned to my hometown of Philadelphia in 2022 with my family. I discovered Miquon while searching for a…READ MORE »

Jennifer Sharp

Director of Finance and Operations

I first became acquainted with progressive education in 2010 when we enrolled our oldest child at a similar progressive pre-K through 6 school, The School in Rose Valley (SRV), near our home in Delaware County. As l learned more about progressive education and saw how well it served our son, I became a huge believer…READ MORE »

Julia Rolf

Social Worker

I am so excited to be working at Miquon Social Worker. I first heard about the school as a prospective parent. I came to tour the school and was fortunate enough to get a ride back into town from an administrator. On the ride home, I shared that I was so smitten with the school,…READ MORE »

Kate Shapero

Science Teacher

I grew up exploring the woods surrounding Miquon and spent my summers here as a camper. As a child, I delighted in the rippling creek, tall trees and the seemingly infinite supply of delicious wineberries. My experiences nurtured a deep affection and appreciation for the natural world. After thirty years, this hasn't changed. I'm extremely…READ MORE »

Marie Beresford

5th/6th Grade Teacher

I started at Miquon over 10 years ago as a substitute in the art room. I remember being amazed at this beautiful campus and the culture of independence and joy that is nurtured by these magical surroundings. Since then, I’ve taught across most grade bands, each with its own unique charms and discoveries. One thing…READ MORE »

Marisa Campbell

Kindergarten Teacher

When I came to Miquon it felt like coming home; it reminded me of summer camp, of the woods by my dad’s house, and seeing the teaching and learning happening here, a philosophical home. Miquon’s tenets resonate with my belief that there are many ways of knowing and learning, and that a teacher’s responsibility is…READ MORE »

Mark Palacio

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

What do I enjoy most about being at Miquon? Right off the bat, three things come to mind. I really like the musical scene here on campus, my Miquon colleagues are top notch, and the campus is beautiful year round. I also love teaching at the same school my child attended. Before coming to Miquon,…READ MORE »

Michael Batchelor

Facilities Manager

I do lots of things. When I'm not working at Miquon, I am usually with my family, doing…well…anything! I play music and freelance as a photographer; I have produced and engineered several records; I have traveled all around the country with my awesome wife (and then with our awesome kids); I am an artist, a…READ MORE »

Mira Saxe-Smith

5th/6th Grade Teacher

As a Miquon alum, I cherish countless memories–traipsing through the bamboo forest, studying crayfish in the creek, writing Haiku poems in the woods, and the pure magic of library read-alouds. I still vividly recall the sense of belonging at Miquon and feeling so known by the community around me. Also, the feeling of wanting to…READ MORE »

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Nancy Schmucker

Director of Communications

I joined the Miquon staff in 2021 after spending 10 years at Bryn Mawr College as a senior associate director of communications and the associate editor of the college magazine. I remember my heart skipped a beat when I saw the ad for my current position. Miquon’s work in Progressive education was exciting and refreshing.…READ MORE »

Nicole Batchelor

Art Teacher

I came to Miquon with my children in 2011. That first year I covered a sabbatical position so I was able to be at school with both of my children, which was lovely and rewarding. In 2016 I was hired as the Art Teacher, and I have been excited to be a part of our…READ MORE »

Pat Baik

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

I first discovered Miquon while looking for a potential future school for my newly-born daughter. To be honest, I never knew schools like Miquon existed. In all my experiences, I assumed they all looked the same: a tall, red building surrounded by four brick walls. That assumption was completely shattered when I stepped onto Miquon’s…READ MORE »

Rachel Elin-Saintine

Director of Teaching and Learning

When I first heard of Miquon in the Spring of 2015, I had recently moved from New York City and was hoping to find a school in the Philadelphia area that aligned with my progressive pedagogical practice. On one of my initial visits, I watched each student in the 2nd and 3rd grades find a…READ MORE »

Reem Rosenhaj

1st/2nd Grade Teacher

I am a Miquon alumna and am thrilled to be here as a teacher. Before coming to Miquon, I taught 4th and 5th grade at The Philadelphia School, and was a Teaching Associate in a 2nd grade classroom at Greene Street Friends School. I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Bryn Mawr College and…READ MORE »

Riley Mann

Physical Education Teacher

I believe that physical education is a vital part of the total education of an individual. Through physical education, an individual has the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Physical education allows children to develop skills for use during leisure time and lifetime sports, engage in activities that are conducive to healthful living,…READ MORE »

Sarah Smith-Centz

Administrator for Community Support

I discovered Miquon when my children attended our summer day camp. I became enchanted with the campus and community. First, I taught Art at the camp and after a few summers weaving in the fields and printing with leaves, I knew I wanted to spend more time here. I spent one crazy (and magical) Covid…READ MORE »

Sarah Stippich

Librarian; Member, Board of Directors

As a child my parents often found me up in my favorite tree, reading a book. So when I saw the opportunity to join the staff at the Miquon School in a dreamy little library in the woods, at a school where children’s independence and creativity are nourished, my attention was piqued. After earning my…READ MORE »

Tracy LaVeyra

Behavior Analyst

I am thrilled to be working with the Miquon community as a behavior analyst and as a member of the Child Guidance Team! My career began as a special education teacher in Chester, Pennsylvania 15 years ago. Through that experience I developed a deep passion for individualized instruction and emotional intelligence which led me to…READ MORE »

Ursa Vincent

Ursa Vincent


I love to see the outdoor play that happens here in various forms; it ranges from peaceful and serene to joyous and loud when the children are enjoying the space. In a business and finance role, duties can be routine, so I enjoy the very inviting and warm atmosphere of Miquon and its staff, as…READ MORE »

Wendy Leitner-Sieber

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

I came to Miquon to teach in the fourth grade during the 2014-15 school year, looking forward to learning alongside children who are curious and immersed in the world around them. I love the freedom that we have at Miquon to delve deeply into topics of interest and to support the growth of children as…READ MORE »

Whitney Snead

Associate Director of Development

I am excited to join Miquon and work to support its Progressive program of education. I have been in teaching and curriculum development for almost 20 years and am excited to pivot into the meaningful work of development and fundraising.READ MORE »

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