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Alumni News

Andrew Gallery ’80 : A True Experiential Education

Not that he talks about Miquon every day, or even thinks of his elementary education regularly, but when he does, he remembers it fondly — as his favorite school.  “I don’t have any, but when I do, I would send my kids there in a second,” he says with a chuckle. “I credit it with teaching me to love to learn, rather than focusing just on what I was learning. It literally taught me to love the act of learning and be concerned about the art of what I’m doing.” In addition to the actual learning, Andrew loves that the … READ MORE »

Diane Webber: Always Trying Something New — Staying Open to Life’s Surprises

As Diane Webber prepares to retire from her teaching position at The Miquon School, she is adamant that she is simply moving into a next phase, “a new variation on teaching that is more about writing. I hope to work productively for the next couple of decades or more,” she says. “Well into my 80s would suit me just fine!” Diane has taught grades 5 and 6 at Miquon since 2012, with a two-year stint before that. Although she didn’t attend Miquon as a student, two of her three children did, and her eldest, Ian, is an alum who now … READ MORE »

Caleb Haas ’06: Connections Made Between Creativity and Creation

Theodore Caleb Haas (who goes by Caleb) has parents who were interested in Progressive education, and when they went searching for something unique with an emphasis on the natural world and child-directed academics, found The Miquon School. The eldest of three siblings who all attended Miquon, Caleb started at the school as a Nursery student and graduated in 2006. As with so many Miquon alumni, Caleb’s earliest memory is of playing outdoors on Miquon’s wooded campus. Mention the creek and the bamboo forest and Caleb lights up. He remembers climbing trees, building a fort they called “The Shack,” and playing … READ MORE »

Rory Erlich ’14 : High Expectations and Strong Support Marked His Miquon Experience

Now a senior at Abington Friends School, Rory Erlich ’14 was one of six Miquon Class of 2014 graduates who enrolled at AFS. He was close friends with all of them, which influenced his decision, and eased the transition to middle school. Over time, those six moved on and formed other social groups, but all still remain close, bonded by their shared Miquon experience. Rory’s Miquon memories come quickly. One of his earliest recollections centers around a self-portrait he was asked to draw in 1st or 2nd grade. The prompt was, “I am amazing because …” and although he doesn’t … READ MORE »

Gabriel Seplow ’14 : An Organic and Perfect Experience

Not every 18-year-old knows exactly (or nearly so) what they want to do with the rest of their life, nor can they articulate their decision clearly and confidently. That is not the case with Gabriel “Gabe” Seplow ’14, however. “I love being on stage and I want to act, wherever and however I can. I love telling stories, and I love directing, and I would love to pursue that too. Broadway would be a dream,” he says. He also is open to teaching or mentoring others.  But it is the acting that is clearly his passion and something he has … READ MORE »

Zady Hasse ’18: Community is at the Core of Everything

At Miquon, Zady learned the value of collaboration and of trusting herself. It’s been only two years since her Miquon graduation, and Zady Hasse already recognizes the positive effects that experience has had on her life. “I learned persistence at Miquon,” she begins. “I learned to trust in myself and trust that things will come together, and if you push through the discomfort, you will succeed and be proud of yourself.” Reading and math did not come naturally for Zady, but she learned to “push through” with gentle support and encouragement from her teachers.  Zady struggled with anxiety when she … READ MORE »

Elizabeth Nathanson, Ph.D. ’91 : The Miquon Tradition Continues

Now the mom of a Nursery student at the Miquon School, Elizabeth Nathanson ’91 started her own Miquon experience when she was about the same age as her daughter, Lucy.  Elizabeth’s mother grew up in New York City and yearned for her daughters to experience the outdoors. Later, as a Philadelphia resident, she found the environment — the deep connections to nature and its values — that she wanted for them at Miquon. (Elizabeth’s younger sister, Jane, graduated from Miquon in 1994.) Elizabeth remembers being enthralled by that natural environment as a youngster, and now as a current Miquon parent, … READ MORE »

New Tenet Affirms Long-held Values at Miquon

We believe that children can be upstanders and agents of change. Fostering respect for differences and developing the skills to challenge racism hate, and bigotry helps children to make positive contributions in the world. READ MORE »