2016-17 Curriculum Reports Now Available!

By Kristin Sanderson

Curriculum Reports

Curriculum Reports are Miquon teachers’ review of the entire year. The Curriculum Report is a retrospective document that shares the goals and accomplishments in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies as well as less tangible topics including social-emotional learning, community building, and more. In each report, teachers make observations about the group as a whole and reflect on the year’s achievements. One of the distinguishing features of each report is the great extent to which each teacher’s style, focus, and personality come through in the narrative.

The Curriculum Reports are coupled with a student’s individual End-of-Year Report — and distributed to each Miquon family at the end of school. Together, these two narrative reports provide families with an extremely detailed, comprehensive understanding of the curricular units of study and an assessment of the work of their child(ren) each year.

The most recent Curriculum Reports are found below, organized by grade level. Each child’s End-of-Year Report is emailed directly to the family of that child.

2016-2017 Nursery

2016-2017 Kindergarten

2016-2017 Ben and Elisa’s First and Second Grade Group

2016-2017 Bree and Rich’s First and Second Grade Group

2016-2017 Third and Fourth Grade

2016-2017 Diane and Jeri’s Fifth and Sixth Grade Group

2016-2017 Lynn and Mark’s Fifth and Sixth Grade Group

Specialist Curriculum Reports

At Miquon there are five specialist teachers who work in their particular area with children of all ages.

Every child in the school has scheduled time with the art, science, music, physical education, and library teachers. These teachers design and implement their own curricula, and they also work closely with classroom teachers to integrate with the topics and ideas that are emerging within each group.

The most recent Specialist Curriculum Reports are found below, listed in alphabetical order.

2016-2017 Art Curriculum Report

2016-2017 Library Curriculum Report

2016-2017 Music Curriculum Report

2016-2017 PE Curriculum Report

2016-2017 Science Curriculum Report