Hannah Goff

Learning Support Coordinator, Nursery through 2nd Grade

M.S. Ed., University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Early Childhood Education, Drexel University

I am an educator with experience in both traditional and Montessori classrooms, holding instructional certifications through the state of Pennsylvania as well as the American Montessori Society. I have also completed a Master’s degree in the Reading/Writing/Literacy program at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, culminating in state certification as a reading specialist. My education and experience have helped me to support young learners in a variety of ways, using a multitude of tools and methods.

I hope to bring an appreciation for all kinds of knowledge to the learning support space that welcomes various repertoires of cultural and linguistic practice. Overall, I believe in an approach to language and literacy that is sociocultural and asset-based. My approach aims to empower young learners in building confidence in addition to skills. Progressive education may flourish within the learning support environment as giving students space to make discoveries, learn by doing, and collaborate in their endeavors is all essential to our work.

I am thrilled to have the role of Learning Support Coordinator for Nursery through 2nd grade children. I have always been drawn to progressive educational principles and philosophies, and believe the core tenants of this philosophy of education are student-centered and help to build independence, creativity, and lasting relationships.

Stepping foot on the Miquon campus and seeing the beauty and inspiration of the environment cemented my deep appreciation for this unique learning community.