Marisa Campbell

1/2 Grade Band Teacher

The first time I pulled into the driveway at Miquon, it immediately reminded me of the many camp driveways across the country that I’d come down for every summer of my childhood (and a few beyond that). It was during these summers at Girl Scout Camp I grew from an enthusiastic camper into a thoughtful counselor, learning to take my interest in exploring the world and use it to support and guide children in their own discoveries.

I never intended to be a teacher, but after several years in college, where I made my own major in Identity Development and Children’s Literature, my mentor, Professor Masha Rudman asked me if I had considered teaching. In reflection, I could see that I had been heading toward teaching for many years without really knowing how the pieces fit together, and decided to pursue an education minor and head to graduate school to learn more about teaching literacy.

After 11 years in the classroom, I’m delighted by the choice I made; I continue to be an enthusiastic explorer and co-conspirator in the process of learning, I’m deeply curious about how our identities develop, and I am always surrounded by picture books.