Marisa Campbell

Kindergarten Teacher

University of Massachusetts Amherst
B.A. Identity Development and Children’s Literature

University of Pennsylvania
M.S.Ed. Reading/Writing/Literacy

When I came to Miquon it felt like coming home; it reminded me of summer camp, of the woods by my dad’s house, and seeing the teaching and learning happening here, a philosophical home.

Miquon’s tenets resonate with my belief that there are many ways of knowing and learning, and that a teacher’s responsibility is to create a community where these ways are seen, understood, and valued.

I am dedicated to inquiry-based learning: taking up learners’ questions, engaging in critical dialogue and perspective taking, revising old understandings, experimenting, tinkering, playing, and taking action.

Children are always trying to make sense of the world around them. I support them by observing closely, offering materials, hands-on experiences, stories, problems, questions, songs, and structuring the environment for them to make their own discoveries.

The most important part of my practice I have learned from the students: how to let go of my own plans and follow their lead, to act as a co-conspirator in the process of learning.

My home at Miquon has been among the youngest learners, from Nursery through second grade, since 2012. It is a special thing, to be part of this supportive community where everyone is known and appreciated for who they are.