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News and Announcements

New Tenet Affirms Long-held Values at Miquon

We believe that children can be upstanders and agents of change. Fostering respect for differences and developing the skills to challenge racism hate, and bigotry helps children to make positive contributions in the world. READ MORE »

Just Look! I Went to Miquon! Ajay Meswani ’78

Today Meswani teaches in Helsinki, where thematic education, rather than rote memorization, provides a Miquon-type experience. He remembers the ongoing excellence of the Miquon classroom work, along with the teachers, that made the most lasting impact. READ MORE »

Expanding Her Mind: Chloe Cerwinka ’90

This steward of the earth learned to respect and work with the environment as a kindergartener. Today, she’s deep in the work of preserving and improving Penn’s campus through ecological design, research, and planning. READ MORE »

The Art of Math

A weeks-long project comprising the union of fine art and mathematics, shows how Miquon students have a rigorous academic experience through the authentic, deep exploration of topics. READ MORE »