Digging into Biography Research

By Kristin Sanderson

Did you know that Molly Williams was the first female fire fighter in 1818, and that she was African-American?Did you know that Mo’ne Davis can throw a 70 mph fastball? This week, children in Hilary and Marie’s second and third grade group began work on biographies–developing a list of individuals that interest them (from the likes of Sebastian Bach to Bessie Coleman to Jane Goodall) and asking the important questions about some of these important figures in history. With each student having selected one individual from the list, they dug into the real work of research–with periodicals, books, iPads, and Chromebooks at their disposal, children were able to find details that fascinate them. In the coming weeks, the group will host a publishing party to showcase their finished biographies and a special museum-like display honoring the historical figures’ work.


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