I have thought a lot over the years about why Miquon is so special to me. If I could boil it down to two things, it would be intellectual curiosity and being comfortable in one’s own skin. This is who we are, this is our sacred mission: to give you (children) the space where you can explore, and be curious, and be odd, and be quirky, and to be yourself.

What other schools don’t realize is that giving children a little bit of extra freedom allows them to be good self-motivated learners.

I have been (around so long) I remember the Playbarn being built. My classmates cleared the hillside next to the Moore Building . . . the greatest sledding hill of any lower school anywhere. I remember turning over rocks in the creek to catch crayfish, wading hip-deep as we built dams and knocked over the wall, and raced the tidal wave down to the office. I remember long recesses, exploding touch-me-nots, the smell of stinging nettle . . . I got dirty, I got messy, I was curious, I explored, and the school allowed me to do it.

Miquon thank you for giving me and my family a place that fostered my love of learning, encouraged me to do things in my own way.