Miquon makes me happy. As a public school kid, I never encountered a school experience or an approach to learning that even comes close to what happens in this magical, nearly hidden valley. Miquon makes my daughter Luka happy. In her young world, I’m sure she believes that this must be what school is like for everyone. I get to witness her growth, love of learning, and play. I can already see the many changes in her confidence and boldness. My #mightygirl is very much becoming a #strongwoman.

Miquon makes my partner Meghan happy. She came from a different background of independent schools and can feel and witness daily the enchanting educational spirit that is so very evident with each drop-off, pick-up, and campus visit. Miquon makes our youngest daughter Neko happy. After years of playing here and getting familiar with the way of Miquon, she now attends and is making the Miquon journey very much her own. I watch her learn, as she finds as much satisfaction in the questioning as she does in figuring out the answers.

I am both honored and thrilled at the opportunity to be a part of the Miquon Board of Directors, deepening our ties to this incredibly diverse and welcoming community. I’d like to personally enroll in Kindergarten, and get a shot at the wonders of Progressive education all my own, but since that is unlikely, the board seems like the right step for me.