2017-18 Outlook from Board President Lisa Zahren

“We take care of ourselves. We take care of each other. We take care of our environment.”
– Miquon Kindergarteners

Just as both of my children learned how to be good stewards of this community as Miquon kindergarteners, the Miquon Board of Directors is charged with caring for Miquon as an institution. Our focus is long-term and strategic, but the principles are the same.

The Board is a group of parents, alumni and staff who work to ensure the health of the institution. (We also have two community at-large positions on the Board that will come open this spring.) This year, we will be taking on some exciting work, including looking more deeply at:

  • kicking off the quiet phase of The Heart of Campus capital campaign;
  • supporting the work of diversity and equity on campus;
  • planning for and taking care of our buildings, woodlands and watershed in a responsible manner; and
  • long-term financial planning to keep our finances robust, our tuition affordable and our teachers adequately compensated.

With my oldest son preparing to graduate in June and a new educational experience on the horizon, the incredible experience he has had “growing up” at Miquon is present in my mind daily. What a gift it has been for him to be a part of this nurturing environment where he is known, where asking questions and diving deep into subjects is encouraged, where he has learned to take risks and has learned a deep sense of caring for the community as an integral part of the work since kindergarten. This school has shaped who he is in a meaningful way.

I am honored to, in turn, help shape this institution by serving as the President of the Board of Directors and humbled by the incredible talent and dedication that the 20 people who make up our Board bring to our work together.

We are actively seeking alumni to get involved by serving as board members, or by helping out with board committee work focusing on a variety of topics. I invite you to come join the work!