Miquon Joins Progressive Education Lab

By Susannah Wolf '81

Miquon has always been home to amazing, talented teachers. They are experts in their field. They are dedicated to children. They work tirelessly to put each child at the center of her or his own education—gently cultivating that innate curiosity that exists in all young people, carefully observing each learner’s unique interests, intentionally scaffolding the path for learning.

Training New Progressive Educators

Recently selected to join the Progressive Education Lab (PEL), Miquon is now a part of a consortium helping train teachers new to the field. Over the summer, several staff members participated in a PEL mentor training for the student teachers who will join us at Miquon this year. The gathering entailed time for all in attendance—including educators from The Cambridge School of Weston, The Crefeld School, The Putney School—to reflect on how we implement our Progressive program in the classroom. Happily, we discovered this work framing how we teach also deepened our understanding of the practice itself.

Progressive pedagogy affects all that we do. We will impart to the PEL fellows, for instance, that student voices in the democracy of the classroom are critical. As with our math talks, when children might be charged with arriving at a number such as 17—there is not one correct answer. Rather, the Progressive teacher makes space for all of the many ways the students calculate 17. By listening to one another’s ideas and sharing methods of their own, the children are able to make better connections and improve their understanding of mathematical concepts as a result.

We are thrilled to be a part of PEL. This honor brings the Miquon program to the forefront of Progressive schools nationwide, and we take our role seriously. Just as Lynn Hughes, who retired this past June, influenced so many of the teachers and lives of children here at Miquon, together we will strive to shape future Progressive educators. In this way, we see the impact of Miquon’s program reaching beyond the ridges of our valley and out into the world—affecting many more children’s lives by helping them become independent, confident young learners invested in their own education.

Susannah Wolf ’81, Principal

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