A Memory and a Haiku

This week, we wanted to share a memory and a musing sent to us about our beloved creek.

creek (31)

Edith Klausner, former staff member and alum parent, writes:

“I was a teacher at Miquon for about nine years in the late 60s and 70s. It was my first “real” teaching job. Don somehow trusted me to take it on. I learned from Cubby Weil, Cath Chapman, Susanna Maguire, Lovey Glen, Don and Lore Rasmussen, but mostly from the kids. The creek adventures were endless and every generation seemed drawn to them. Thanks to the Mandels for their support in this venture. Richard too was an inspiration to a groping young teacher. Our three kids graduated from Miquon. My oldest, Mike, who attended Penn and Yale Law School and is currently a professor of law at Stanford University, still says Miquon was the best.”

Nursery teacher Celia Cruz, who is now also an alum parent, sent us this creek-inspired haiku:

Soggy socks come home
Crumbled, smelling of damp earth
Filled with creek treasure

Thank you again to Richard and Alice Mandel for inspiring our community to restore the creek with a $30,000 challenge gift, and thank you to everyone who has already made a gift towards the For the Good of the Creek Campaign. You can still make a contribution to the For the Good of the Creek Campaign by clicking on the Give link to the left. Please write “Creek” in the comments box.

Good of the Creek Shirt
Show your support! Donors who make gifts of $100 or more will receive a special For the Good of the Creek t-shirt. (If you’ve given a gift of $100 or more already, your shirt should be arriving this week.) Many thanks to Mike and Nicole Batchelor for this beautiful design.

Share your memories! Do you have memories of the creek to share? Send us a note, a photo, or a 1-2 minute video. We’ll try to post as many as we can throughout the summer. Email your memories to development@miquon.org.