Campaign Results: For the Good of the Creek

It is with great joy and pride that we share the results of our summer fundraising campaign, For the Good of the Creek.  Your response to the call-to-action was overwhelmingly positive.  Through blog posts and storytelling, you shared your own special memories and experiences of the creek. Along the way, you reaffirmed what we already knew: the creek is truly the heart of Miquon.

You answered the call for the urgent need to address the erosion of the hill sides, paths, play areas, and creek banks to preserve the future of our beloved Miquon waterway.  We are so pleased that, together with school and camp families, alumni, and a leadership gift from Richard and Alice Mandel, we have not only achieved–but surpassed–our goal.  In total, the campaign exceeded our $60,000 goal, raising over $71,000–which will be combined with school and camp budget funding* to rehabilitate the creek between the upper playgrounds and the office building.  Some of the funds raised will enable us to also build a new bridge to the Kindergarten playground.

With design consultancy BioHabitats at the helm, we hope to begin work in 2015, following the completion of the permitting processes.  We are so thrilled that funds raised will enable us to repair and restore the creek, as well as better manage the storm water we have been experiencing in recent years.  The result will be a safer, more accessible creekscape that presents enhanced opportunities for learning and play for all of our children for years to come.

With the help of the Miquon community, the future of the creek has been secured.  Your response to the campaign was extraordinary, and we have been so pleased to hear the many voices, memories, and love in support of the creek that we all hold close in our hearts.

Our students thank you, our campers thank you, our staff thank you, our woods thank you.

For the Good of the Creek, we thank you all.

View a list of donors to the campaign, For the Good of the Creek.

*Update February 2, 2015: $95,000 in recent grant funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection will supplement project funds already raised.