Hocking: ‘Connections with Miquon teachers has been the most valuable gift’

By Kristin Sanderson

Question-and-answer interview with Alumna Elise Hocking, a junior at Germantown Friends School

Q: What was your transition to middle school like after Miquon?

A: The change to GFS was easy for Elise, and GFS organized several orientation programs to help bring the 7th graders together as a cohesive group. She felt well prepared for her academic work, especially when it comes to managing her time and self-motivation. Learning to be independent and responsible were world skills she learned at Miquon. Elise attributes her love of learning to her experience at Miquon where she learned the value of understanding a topic.

Q: Looking back at your Miquon education, what do you think was most valuable to you as a person and as a student?

A: Elise’s connections with her Miquon teachers has been the most valuable gift. She hopes to have meaningful teacher/student relationships like these with her other teachers in the future. 

Q: Could you tell us about your interests?  What are some projects, studies, or hobbies about which you are most passionate?

A: At Germantown Friends School, she has had the opportunity to explore many interests. Elise is a three-season athlete and is a member of the cross-country and track team. She continues to be an avid violin player. While at GFS, she has had opportunities to explore her interests in education and social justice. As a founding member of the Education Justice Club, Elise leads a literacy club at the Kelly School and tutors newly-arrived immigrant high school students at the Franklin Learning Center. Elise is also a member of the Human Rights Club and spends weekends working with a community organization called Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia.

Q: How do you think your time at Miquon affected these interests?

A: Elise credits her love of learning to Miquon and feels compelled to share that passion for learning with other children. Miquon’s commitment to social justice and to building an inclusive community are values that have influenced the way she wants to contribute to society.

Q: What would you say to a family considering Miquon for your child?

A: Elise is happy that she went to Miquon and would tell any family that Miquon is a place where children thrive because of their focus on childhood. There is no pressure to grow up.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Elise’s plans for the future reflect her current interests in high school. She sees herself pursuing a career in education and human rights on a policy level. She wants to make significant changes in society.  Elise also loves science and hopes to have future experiences that integrate all her interests.