Netter-Sweet: ‘The perfect place for kids to discover differences with complete acceptance’

By Kristin Sanderson

Yamit Netter-Sweet attended Penn Charter after graduating from Miquon, where she experienced “a much smoother transition” than she had expected, which was made even easier because many new students entered seventh grade with her, including four of her Miquon classmates.  Currently a senior at Penn Charter, Yamit has found a passion for learning languages and exploring new people and cultures.

She explains, “I noticed, when I got to Penn Charter, that most of the students were learning because they wanted to pass the class or get a good grade. However, because of Miquon, I was able to find the subjects that I was interested in and really enjoy learning them.”

Currently Yamit is studying Chinese as well as Spanish, and in the case of the former was able to learn through immersion during two summer immersion programs at Middlebury college and a school exchange program in Argentina.  

Her trip to Argentina solidified a lifelong passion for helping others and working with children, two interests she nurtured while a student at Miquon.  Yamit particularly credits the many opportunities Miquon offers students to work and play with children of different ages, such as during Reading Buddy activities, games during Choice Time, and Mini-Courses.  

Yamit adds, “This may sound cliche, but I would say that it would be a mistake not to pick Miquon. Miquon is a place where kids can learn how to love. While at Miquon, we learned how to love people, experiences, life and learning. It is also the perfect place for kids to discover differences with complete acceptance.”