THE MIQUON SCHOOL is a progressive independent elementary school in the Philadelphia suburbs for girls and boys ages 3 – 12.



New and Noteworthy

  • 2014-15 School Year Forms Due August 15

    Each year, families are asked to submit their household and individual student information prior to the start of school. Also, the 2014-15 After School Contract and Vacation Day Care Calendar are now available. READ MORE »

  • Summer Reading

    One of the great joys of summer is free time to read and explore new books and ideas. Miquon’s Librarian Amy Vaccarella has put together suggested summer reading lists for just this purpose! READ MORE »

  • Longtime Head of Maintenance, Bill Wanamaker, Dies at 88

    He was born in Gladwyne in 1925 moving to Conshohocken in 1949. Bill was the beloved husband of the late Catherine (Devlin) Wanamaker, who passed away in 2011. Bill was head of maintenance at the Miquon School for 20 years. READ MORE »

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Principal's Blog

  • A Year of Making in the Making

    One of the interesting results of our discussions has been an awakened appreciation of an offshoot of play, popularly called “tinkering.” READ MORE »

  • Play, and Learning

    Csikszentmihalyi writes, “The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” Flow describes a Utopian model of education — and it also sounds like play. READ MORE »

  • All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting

    The title was too hard to resist on our FIFTH snow day of the year, so yesterday I tuned into the podcast of Terry Gross interviewing the author, Jennifer Senior. READ MORE »

  • Relevant, Accessible, Masterful . . . Math!

    It was as if the floor had fallen out from underneath me, but instead of an empty space, an actual concrete world rose to meet what had long been a gorgeous, intellectual pleasure. (I love algebra!) READ MORE »

  • The Electronics Question

    Slowing down and letting the moment unfold, keeping the goal of being together as the focus, giving children your unbroken attention and modeling patience for the sometimes slow pace of evolving understanding are rare jewels in our electronics-saturated culture. READ MORE »

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