THE MIQUON SCHOOL is a progressive independent elementary school in the Philadelphia suburbs for girls and boys ages 3 – 12.



New and Noteworthy

  • Diana Saraga: A Wonderful 25 Years at Miquon

    Diana and Walt Saraga came to The Miquon School in September 1985 as parents of Jared and Elena. As she came to appreciate the school, Diana learned of an opening for an Assistant Teacher and soon began her life as a member of the staff. Over her twenty-five year career Diana worked with several lead teachers in first through fourth grade groups, “dancing” easily with new partners, mentoring new teachers. READ MORE »

  • Osder Sparks Independent Film Scene

    In 1985 Jason Osder was in the sixth grade at The Miquon School. In May of that same year, a public tragedy unfolded not too far way in West Philadelphia . . . READ MORE »

  • Former Board President Joyce Rutman (1928-2014)

    Joyce lent a thoughtful, listening ear to all who knew her and was known for her kindness, compassion, warmth and wisdom. READ MORE »

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Principal's Blog

  • All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenting

    The title was too hard to resist on our FIFTH snow day of the year, so yesterday I tuned into the podcast of Terry Gross interviewing the author, Jennifer Senior. READ MORE »

  • Relevant, Accessible, Masterful . . . Math!

    It was as if the floor had fallen out from underneath me, but instead of an empty space, an actual concrete world rose to meet what had long been a gorgeous, intellectual pleasure. (I love algebra!) READ MORE »

  • The Electronics Question

    Slowing down and letting the moment unfold, keeping the goal of being together as the focus, giving children your unbroken attention and modeling patience for the sometimes slow pace of evolving understanding are rare jewels in our electronics-saturated culture. READ MORE »

  • On Our Multicultural Alliance

    In thinking about the upcoming gathering of our new multicultural alliance, the following quotation came to me. It’s a Buddhist teaching, but it made me think of how a minority in our community is regularly aware of — and discomfited by — the currents that are unfelt by most of us. READ MORE »

  • Work, and Play

    Soft and enveloping…needs legs to function…often shaped like an “L”…touches the parts of a body that can be smelly…can be used as verbs…Those were some of the responses to the question that opened our staff meeting yesterday: “How is a chair like a sock?” READ MORE »

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