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As of late, academic research and popular media alike are reporting findings about how to best support children’s growth and development–citing the importance of unstructured play, ample time spent immersed in nature, the freedom to explore one’s innate curiosities as a means to ignite a passion for learning.  These findings are the tenets that Miquon has held true and practiced since our founding in 1932.  Not only have we been practicing these Progressive approaches for nearly 100 years, we’ve become experts along the way. The proof is in the living laboratory that is our campus, acclaimed by experts in the field like Tom Little, author of Loving Learning: How Progressive Education Can Save America’s Schools.

A great synopsis of Progressive Education was penned by Alfie Kohn, author of Schooling Beyond Measure…And Other Unorthodox Essays About Education (2015), The Schools our Children Deserve (1999), and many other books about parenting and education.

Below are some of our favorite articles to which we respond, “Yes! That is exactly it!”

On Teaching and Learning

Loving Learning: How Progressive Education Can Save America’s Schools, by Tom Little

Why schools are failing our boys,” by Lauren Knight for The Washington Post

A very scary headline about kindergartners,” by Valerie Strauss for The Washington Post

On the Natural Environment

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder,
by Richard Louv

10 ways to get your kids out in nature, and why it matters,” by Lauren Knight for The Washington Post

On Play

The Value of Play I: The Definition of Play Gives Insights,” by Peter Gray for Washington Post

Kids whose time is less structured are better able to meet their own goals, a study conducted by University of Colorado, Boulder

Childlinksa publication produced by Barnardos, Ireland’s leading children’s charity


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