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Planned Giving

You can help to ensure a Miquon education is possible for future generations of students by making a planned gift—an arrangement in your estate plan that makes a contribution to Miquon in the future.  

Most planned gifts to nonprofits like Miquon include significant tax benefits that will greatly benefit your heirs. When you inform Miquon that you have arranged for a planned gift to the school from your estate, you become a member of the Miquon Legacy Society, and join others who have made similar plans. You will also receive an annual update about Miquon’s activities and invitations to special events.

Let us know if you have included Miquon in your estate plans. Your gift will inspire others, and we would love to include you in the list of members of the Miquon Legacy Society.

“We take pleasure in knowing that a few institutions for which we care deeply will receive one last gift from us. Our gift is unrestricted, which means we trust the Board at the time to use it in the best interest of Miquon.” –James and Arabella Pope, members, Miquon Legacy Society.

Planned Giving Options

The most popular and simple giving plans at The Miquon School are:


A bequest is a donation of cash, personal property, or real estate provided in the donor’s will. The gift is most often made as a specific amount, a percentage, or a remainder amount, and can be as easy to establish as adding the following sentence to your Will:
“I devise and bequeath to The Miquon School, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, [dollar amount of gift, or the word ‘all’, or a percentage of the estate] to be used for its general purposes ( or endowment, a specific program, etc..).”

Retirement Plans

The Miquon School can be named as the sole or partial beneficiary in your retirement plans such as IRAs, 401 (k) plans and 403 (b) plans. By naming Miquon as a beneficiary of your retirement plans, you may be able to avoid both income and estate tax, allowing you to leave your lower-taxed assets to your family. Your retirement plan administrators can provide you with the necessary information and forms to include The Miquon School in your retirement plans.

Life Insurance Policies

By naming The Miquon School as the sole or partial beneficiary of your fully-paid life insurance policy, you may be able to avoid the estate tax on the proceeds. This revocable gift is easy to arrange; simply contact your insurance company for a Change of Beneficiary form.

**Please consult your financial and/or legal advisors to determine which type of gift is best for you and for legal requirements regarding these gifts.

For more information about making a planned gift, or to notify Miquon of your estate plans, please contact Whitney Snead, Associate Director of Development, at or 610-828-1231, ext. 105.

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