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Justin Leevy ’82 Scholarship Fund

The Justin Leevy ’82 Scholarship Fund was created by Justin’s family and friends following his death in 2016. The purpose of this fund is to honor the memory of Justin while increasing the diversity of the Miquon School student body. 

Miquon’s financial aid program strives to bring significant economic diversity to the school. Sometimes, however, ancillary costs above and beyond tuition may arise. One such cost is transportation to and from school — a cost that is not included among the school’s financial aid offerings.

The Justin Leevy ’82 Scholarship Fund will assist Nursery and Kindergarten families who may experience transportation as a barrier to a Miquon education. Transportation to and from Miquon is an additional expense for these young students who live in the City of Philadelphia, where children must be in First Grade or higher to ride the district-funded bus to school.

Each year for the duration of the Fund, up to $2,700 will be allocated toward van service for one or more Miquon students who will increase the diversity of the school. By covering the van expense, the Fund will improve financial and physical access to Miquon. 

Contribute to the Justin Leevy ’82 Fund

Your gift to the Justin Leevy ’82 Fund will help ensure this transportation aid program is offered for years to come. Use our online form to make your contribution, and note “Justin Leevy Fund” in the “Additional Notes” section.

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Remembering Justin

“I have found Justin to be one of the most caring and interested children I have worked with at Miquon. He is considerate of adults and classmates alike and will rise to the occasion to volunteer to take responsibility.” –Miquon teacher Joan Ranere in 1979

Miquon played a foundational role in Justin’s development of self, and continued to play an important role in the way he saw himself and the world as an adult. After his time here, Justin carried with him some of the characteristics found in many Miquon alumni. A lover of animals, basketball, and the written word, in his lifetime Justin was an actor, a Harvard-educated lawyer, and a writer.

His mother, Laurie Leevy, describes him as “a drum major for justice” and a person who “loved empowering the poor, the weak, the voiceless.” According to Laurie, Miquon was “central to his development, giving him a belief in his ability to do, to be seen, to be considered. As an adult, Justin would always reference that time as the happiest in his life.”

Below follows the text from Justin’s Miquon diploma.

Know all people by these presents that

Justin Leevy

For being a co-driver of the winning car of the 1982 Grand Prix de Miquon;
For being able to look innocent and endearing at the most opportune moments;
For objecting to the use of a calculator in math class
on the grounds that it made him think too much;
For setting aside his interest in women for a whole hour
to pay more attention to schoolwork — once;
And for writing the most eloquent, impassioned, opinionated
sports journalism since Grantland Rice . . . 

is hereby declared a graduate of the Miquon School.



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