4.13 Elementary School Diversity Day

Elementary Student Diversity Day: The Children Will Lead
Saturday, April 13, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm
Miquon campus

Through a selection of workshops and activities presented by the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative (GPDC), Elementary Student Diversity Day (ESDD) presents children with the opportunity to work toward deepening their awareness, understanding and appreciation of the diverse world we live in and the vast variety of people they will encounter throughout their lives.

ESDD  is a special occasion for third through sixth grade elementary students from different backgrounds and school settings across Greater Philadelphia to WORK and PLAY together in a variety of fun, interactive activities.

The goals for children attendees include:

  • having students learn more about themselves and their peers as unique individuals;
  • accessing and exploring issues of diversity related to their world and themselves; and
  • strengthening respect, understanding, and empathy at school.

The program is designed in such a way so students are moved and prepared for the diversity challenges they will face, but not shaken. We will work with the children to tackle these sometimes difficult topics at age- and developmentally-appropriate levels. The work will be engaging, encompassing a range of media–including literature, music, and art through interactive, movement, creative , and hands-on activities. Complementing the day’s work will be ample time for the children to just be children, and play.

All the Details

Please check out more in the parent letter from the Greater Philadelphia Diversity Collaborative.

2019 ESDD Parent Letter


For more information, contact Jeri Whatley by emailing jeriw@miquon.org.