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Mission and Vision


The Miquon School treasures and celebrates childhood. We give our students time to play and grow. Our program and our environment encourage wonder, inquiry, independence, and discovery. We seek to create confident, life-long learners who will move out into the wider world with strong academic and social skills, intense personal interests, a love for the arts, and a commitment to building inclusive and peaceful communities. We are dedicated to learning together in the rich tradition of Progressive education that is our founders’ legacy.

Vision for 2023

Miquon will be a progressive school leader committed to fostering children’s learning through developmentally-based play, discovery and inquiry. Daily hands-on experiences and immersion in the natural environment will be successfully balanced with opportunities to explore the global landscape through evolving technologies. Miquon children will be notable for their self-awareness, robust identities, resilience and attention to issues of environmental stewardship, inclusivity and peace.


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