Ben Coleman

Nursery Teacher

Mills College, MA, Early Childhood Education
Oberlin, BA

I first learned of Miquon while in graduate school in Oakland, CA, more than a decade before I found my way out east and set foot on campus. In the years that followed, the school dotted my radar twice more and never through any effort of my own. Then, circumstances brought my family east and I decided to visit Miquon. I was thrilled to find a place that, in my mind, had so many similarities to my teaching job at a progressive school in Berkeley, CA!

I am always interested in children’s thinking and love to see where a collection of passionate thoughts can take a group. I lean heavily on emergent curriculum and always find inspiration in the practices of Reggio Emilia and project-based learning. It is always my goal to enter the world of the child as completely as possible while still holding the theoretical and practical considerations of teacher and adult.

In my personal life, I am father to two Miquon alumni. I love making things, solving problems, swimming in frigid water, and dancing hard.